“Bolton services offer a friendly environment, we are like a family." | What Our Staff Say

“Bolton services offer a friendly environment, we are like a family."

Thulani Ncube, 42, is a Mental Health Practitioner working as part of the Home Based Treatment Team at the Royal Bolton Hospital site. Here he looks after adults experiencing acute changes in their mental health. Thulani works for the team, which is an alternative to a hospital admission, and provides assessment and treatment for people experiencing mental health problems or who need support with their mental health.  

By Thulani Ncube

“Making a difference in other people’s lives and job satisfaction inspired me to choose this role. GMMH’s services in Bolton offers an environment where I can deliver person-centred care to my patients by providing me with training, staff that are friendly and an opportunity to experience different roles.  

“For example, since I started at GMMH in Bolton l have had the pleasure at working at one of the female rehabilitation wards, on the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), managed the 136 suite (a place of safety for those held by the police under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act), worked with the Mental Health Liaison Team and there is an opportunity to work with Bolton Assessment Service and the clozapine clinic.” 

My experience studying toward my degree 

“I was a support worker on a PICU, which provides inpatient mental health care, assessment and comprehensive treatment to individuals who are experiencing serious mental problems. My colleagues encouraged me to do my nurse training - they said l would make a great nurse. I discussed this with my line manager, and we put it down as my main goal on my Personal Development Review (PDR).  

“I graduated in 2018 after studying Mental Health Nursing at the University of Greenwich in London. I enjoyed different experiences during my placements, one that stands out was the Diversion team. They identify people who have mental health problems and learning disabilities when they come into contact with the police and courts. They assess the person's needs, advise on their case management and ensure that those in need receive the treatment and support they require.  

“I did a two-year course because I had a relevant degree and experience in health care.” 

“Bolton services offer a friendly environment, we are like a family. We support each other even during the most challenging times, there is never a moment when I feel that I am alone.”  

My role 

“As a mental health practitioner with the Home Based Treatment Team, my typical day involves visiting patients at their homes as an alternative to hospital admission. We provide assessment of risks, treatment and care, psychological support and medication monitoring.  
I also do gatekeeping for patients that are in crisis and require support either in the community or in an inpatient setting. I have the support of the Multidisciplinary Team throughout my role.” 

The benefits of working in this career far outweigh the challenges 

“Working for the NHS gives me learning, training and development. I have already spoken to my manager about enrolling for a Nurse Prescriber Course.  

“Last year, l sadly lost my brother, who lived in Africa, and l was given the opportunity to go and bury him while maintaining my pay through bereavement leave. It’s experiences like this that really make a difference – where you feel your wellbeing is important. It creates cultures where staff feel supported at work and where you feel able to openly talk about your beliefs and experiences, without concern of being judged.” 

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As a patient

As a service user, relative or carer using our services, sometimes you may need to turn to someone for help, advice, and support. 

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