Chaplaincy Services

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The Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care service provides religious, pastoral and spiritual support for all our service user, carer and staff population.

The Chaplaincy service at Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust is a Multi-Faith team that seeks to promote and safeguard the religious and spiritual lives of service users, carers and staff.

Presently the Chaplaincy team represents a variety of Christian denominations and faith leaders together with Islamic faith representatives. 

It is the responsibility of the service to find suitable representatives of other faith communities when requested and we maintain close working relations with a diverse range of faith communities and leaders across Manchester. All of whom will visit our service user, carer and staff population upon request.

Our Chaplains are located over the whole of the Trust. They care for you by:

  • Respecting the faith, religion or non-religious world-view to which you subscribe;
  • Sharing what gives you hope;
  • Offering compassionate care;
  • Discovering what helps you cope;
  • Helping you find strength in uncertainty;
  • Valuing what is important to you.

We have dedicated prayer/quiet spaces across our sites and regular services of worship are held. Your ward staff will be able to give you details of service times and Chaplaincy Facilities. Alternatively, contact the Chaplaincy coordinator for further information.            


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Contact details

The Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care Coordinator: 0161 357 1769                                                                                                                                      

The Trust Switchboard and ask for the Chaplaincy service: 0161 773 9121