Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2019-21

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2019-21 Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2019-21 was launched as part of LGBT History Month (February 2019), setting out our goals to ensure our services are accessible to all, our workforce is reflective of the diverse communities we serve and equality is central to everything we do. 

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Equality and Diversity

Annual Equality Reports:

Draft Annual Equality Report 2019 

Annual Equality Report 2018 [pdf] 5MB

Workforce Race Equality Scheme GMMH 2017 [pdf] 22KB

Annual Equality Report GMW 2017 [doc] 3MB

Annual Equality Report MHSC 2017 [docx] 26MB

Annual Equality Report 2016 [pdf] 547KB

Annual Equality Report 2015 [pdf] 1MB

Workforce Race Equality Scheme(WRES)[pdf] 266KB


The Public Sector Equality Duty requires the trust to publish equality objectives at least every four yearsThe Trust’s Corporate Equality Objectives 2019 - 2022 are as follows (derived from GMMH Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy for 2019-2021):

We will improve the access and experience of our service users

  • To work towards better health outcomes from our service users
  • To ensure our workforce is representative and supportive
  • Promote an inclusive leadership culture

Local 2017-18 Objectives:

  • Bolton directorate staff encouraged to improve recognition  of young carers. Enable staff to identify young carers, record on PARIS and develop awareness of resources for young carers in Bolton. (age)

  • Identify a perinatal champion for Bolton directorate responsible for gathering and disseminating information among mental health staff to promote good practice and enhance expertise locally. ( pregnancy and maternity)

  • Promote MH staff engagement with local existing equality groups and forums to ensure GMMH is well represented, local equality information is made more accessible.

  • Ensure environment and information developed for the new single sex wards on the Bolton inpatient unit fully observe and promote needs of MH patients with LD promote the work of the Trust Equality Inclusion and recovery group to achieve more diverse representation

  • To review current initiatives in the provision of training to staff in secondary care mental health services, on working with service users who have a learning disability and make recommendations for a comprehensive roll-out.

  • To increase the percentage of service users who have their disability status recorded on PARIS

  • To hold an event to raise awareness among black and ethnic minority communities about dementia and the dementia services available in Salford

  • Improve protected characteristic recording of people admitted for inpatient care especially learning disability

  • Moving and handling training for inpatient staff

  • Assess the number of meeting rooms with disabled access for Community Mental Health Services in Trafford

  • Review Moorside’s doors and how easy they are to open for disabled people

  • Review access to interpretation services at Moorside

  • Review Equality Impact Assessment process

  • Develop an Equality Network in Trafford

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Equality into Action Strategy 2016 - 2019

Our vision and strategy for equality are set out in the GMMH062 Equality into Action Strategy 2016-2019 (1.0) - A4 Brochure[pdf] 115KB. The strategy includes how the Trust approaches equality and diversity to improve access, experience and outcomes for our service users, relatives, carers and staff. The strategy includes an annual work schedule which incorporates publication of our annual equality report, setting local equality objectives and the delivery of Equality into Action Workshops which meet the statutory duty set out in Equality Delivery System 2.

Equality Act 2010: Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) Publication of Information

The Equality Act 2010 introduced a general equality duty placing requirements on organisations in relation to the protected equality characteristics of age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.

The Public Sector Equality Duty further requires us to publish information demonstrating our compliance with this general equality duty. The Equality Act 2010: Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED)[pdf] 2MB describes how we have embraced the general equality duty in relation to our workforce and our service users in the context of our established strategic approach to equality, inclusion and recovery. Analysis of the data on the protected characteristics of our staff and service users will inform our priorities in setting future equality objectives within the Trust.