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GMMH wholeheartedly recognises the value of volunteering for our service users and carers, our staff, and you yourselves as volunteers.  We actively encourage the involvement of volunteers across all services, both clinical and corporate.

Volunteers provide a valuable service to the Trust, therefore, it is essential that we recruit, induct and support you properly.  Not only does this ensure you feel valued and supported, but it ensures safe practice as our service users are often vulnerable adults and children.

We know that the direct involvement of volunteers in delivering our services can foster better engagement with our service users and carers, empower individuals and communities, and contribute to more responsive services.    Volunteering can promote good physical and mental health for you as volunteers yourselves and our service users and carers. 

It is part of the NHS 10 Year Long Term Plan. to integrate people with lived experience of mental health difficulties themselves into the workforce.  Our service users tell us that they would welcome support from someone who has experience of what they are going through in order to help them in their recovery journey.  We have feedback from service users and Volunteer Peer Mentors in our services that tells us that creating this connection between peers offers people hope, aspiration and motivation.

That is why many of our volunteer opportunities are for Peer Mentors and Buddies, but we also have many other opportunities as well.  In our in-patient areas for example our service users tell us that although the quality of care is high, they do experience boredom which can exacerbate their condition.  Therefore we also have opportunities for Volunteer Activity Assistants in our in-patient areas.

We also recognise that volunteering is a valuable means to support career development for those needing to gain experience in order to pursue their career.  As such, we welcome applications for students and the general public.

When we have a vacancy for a volunteer we will list it below.  Please click on the opportunities available and pay particular attention to the requirements for the role.  You will need to complete our Trust Volunteer Application Form which you can download in order to apply.  Please return your completed application form to the contact detailed in the advertisement by the closing date specified.

Thank you and good luck!

Current Opportunities

Volunteer Activity Assistant


Role: Volunteer Activity Assistant

Service: Meadowbrook, Salford

Location: Activities/ Recreation Room, Meadowbrook

Recruiting Manager: Noor Rahman (Supervisor/ Volunteer Co-ordinator)


Role Purpose:

The Volunteer Activities Assistant role has been developed to help alleviate boredom, reported by our inpatients whilst being hospitalised at Meadowbrook.  The role complements the work of our Support Time Recovery Workers and Occupational Therapists and aims to improve our patient’s treatment outcomes. 

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  • To be able to commit to two hours per week/ fortnightly commitment (hours negotiable)
  • To provide social support - a warm welcome, a cup of tea or coffee and a listening ear
  • To co-deliver, with at least one other volunteer, a range of activities to support our patients’ recovery and enhance their inpatient experience, taking into consideration any cultural requirement
  • To have a flexible, encouraging and supportive approach to service user involvement in activities, recognising individuality
  • To sensitively encourage and support patients to take part in the activities offered
  • To work in a professional manner and adhere to confidentiality and health and safety procedures in line with the Trust values and policies and procedures
  • To work as part of the Meadowbrook Team to receive and share information within the team in order to safeguard individuals and support them
  • To engage in the volunteer supervision process, to work safely, to comply with health and safety instructions and information

Requirements for the Role:

In order to fulfil the duties of this role we ask that you:

  • Are aged 18 or over
  • Have an understanding of mental health and the recovery process through your own lived experience, studies or work
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of service users recovery process or a willingness to learn
  • Can commit to at least two hours per week, weekly or fortnightly 
  • Are able to organise and deliver group activities as part of a team and support co-volunteer(s)
  • Complete Trust and local induction on the unit, and any other identified training necessary for your role and all mandatory training (within 4 weeks of starting role)
  • Have a basic understanding of safeguarding vulnerable adults and children
  • Have a basic understanding of confidentiality and information sharing
  • Have a basic understanding of professional boundaries
  • Have respect and compassion for others and their right to choose and to be treated with dignity
  • Have good communication skills
  • Have a basic understanding of equal opportunities

Please send your applications to Noor Rahman on: noor.rahman@gmmh.nhs.uk

Download your application here: 



Please note that we strongly recommend that you check with the Benefits Agency that your commitment to volunteering does not penalise you in any way and does not affect your benefits.  This role is unpaid, however, we will refund all travel expenses for training and volunteering in line with Trust Policy.



Peer Mentor (supporting individuals leaving a prison setting)

Role Summary / Purpose

The peer mentor will support individuals leaving prison setting to enhance their health, wellbeing and quality of life, assisting them to connect with and access health services, voluntary sector services and community-based activities and emotional support.

The Peer mentor is an important and valued role within GMMH. Peer mentor knowledge and skills can make a huge difference for our service users, careers and staff. In return we will help you develop new skill, gain experience and help with employment opportunities when the time is right for you.

We are currently wanting the peer mentor volunteer to support service users over the phone with emotional support and meet in community when needed to. We are looking for the peer mentor to check in and chat with service users to make sure they are okay and working towards their support plan.

The peer mentor will demonstrate an attitude which respects and values service users’ and their carers.

The peer mentor will embrace the core values of the organisation.  These principles will recognise the need to:

  • Promote safe practices
  • Value the aims of service users
  • Work in partnership and offer meaningful choice
  • Be optimistic about the possibilities of meaningful change
  • Value social inclusion


Lived experience of being in prison setting and or mental health illness.

Be available for at least a day per week (hours are negotiable as this is a volunteer role but for continuity we would ask for a weekly commitment).

Use your own lived experience of prison experience and mental health difficulties.

To respect individual’s rights to choose the interventions that will help and support them in their own journey.

To comply with all Trust policies and procedures but in particular in relation to safeguarding vulnerable adults and children, and information sharing.

To work as part of the Reconnect Team and receive and share information within that team in order to safeguard individuals and support them to work towards their goals

To encourage and support staff member in interviews or when deliver training.

Good empathic communication skills.

Ability to build relationship with staff.

Respectful of confidentiality, but report safeguarding issues to staff member.


Understanding to the needs of the service users and their families.


Be committed to Greater Manchester Mental health Trust Values.

Be committed to at least one day a week.

Knowledge, understanding of confidentiality and maintaining boundaries.

  • Have your own lived experience of mental health difficulties
  • Can commit to at least half a day per week as a volunteer
  • Can commit to the Level 2 Award in Peer Mentorship
  • Have a basic understanding of safeguarding vulnerable adults and children
  • Have a basic understanding of confidentiality and information sharing legislation
  • Have a basic understanding of professional boundaries
  • Have respect and compassion for others and their right to choose and to be treated with dignity
  • Have good communication skills
  • Be willing to work as part of a team

This role description is not exhaustive but is intended to give an overall picture of the role.  Other duties within the general scope of the role may be required from time to time.  The duties of the role and role description can be reviewed through the agreed process.

All Trust sites have been designated a no smoking area.  The post holder is therefore advised smoking is not permitted within the hospital premises or grounds or whilst representing the Trust in the course of their duty.  While the Trust will not discriminate against employing smokers, all prospective employees should be aware of this policy.

For further information please contact:

Kim Turton

Tele: 07795 121317



GMMH162 Reconnect Volunteering flyer A5.pdf 

Recovery Academy - Learning Experience Team Mentor

The Recovery Academy offers a range of educational courses to service users, carers and professionals about mental health and/or addiction and recovery.  Its aim is to give people the knowledge and skills to be able to support their own recovery, or support someone else in theirs so that people are more likely to be able to sustain good mental health and live independently. 

The role of learning mentor is to support students of the recovery academy to develop and individual learning plan. This plan will aim to empower individuals to take control of their recovery journey via goal setting and exploring which recovery academy courses will help them move towards these goals. The development of individual learning plans forms part of the recovery academy course: An introduction to the Recovery Academy- HOPE.

As someone with both lived experience of mental health difficulties, and as an experienced Recovery Academy student and/or tutor this role will involve you sharing your own experiences of the Recovery Academy and offering guidance about the courses on offer. The role will also consist of providing the student with an optional individual learning plan review each term.

If you are interested in this Learning Experience Team Mentor role, complete the application form below and send to: Lucy Burthem, Recovery Academy, The Curve, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust,, Bury New Roa, Prestwich, Manchester M25 3BL.

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