Health and Justice Community Services

Health and Justice Community Services include a variety of mental health services that provide care across a number of different criminal justice settings. GMMH provides Liaison and Diversion services in Trafford, Salford, Bolton and Manchester. There is a resident mental health team based at St Joseph’s Approved Premises in Eccles and two Street Triage Projects in Salford and Trafford. There is also a Liaison and Diversion case management service in Manchester called MO:DEL (Manchester Offenders: Diversion Engagement Liaison).

Liaison and Diversion interventions are aimed at diverting people with mental health problems and learning disabilities away from the criminal justice system at the earliest opportunity and into appropriate treatment. This work is usually undertaken across police custody, the courts and Probation and focuses on facilitating access to and navigation of support networks within health and social care.

MO:DEL also provides a Liaison and Diversion however the service will work with patients for up to 6 months of case management and works with service users from the city of Manchester.

St Joseph’s approved premises has an on-site mental health team who work with offenders who are released on licence and have mental health needs. This involves case management and coordination of care on release from prison and discharge from St Joseph’s back into the community.

Street Triage is part of a national pilot scheme which involves the police identifying a cohort of individuals who call the police repeatedly for inappropriate reasons or use the emergency services when in mental health crisis. Street Triage practitioners then work closely with the police and individuals to address their mental health needs with the aim of reducing the number of responses from the police.

As a patient

As a service user, relative or carer using our services, sometimes you may need to turn to someone for help, advice, and support. 

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