Smoking and mental health

The use of tobacco is known to be more prevalent amongst mental health patients than in the general population. Studies of mental health patients have found that up to 70% of inpatients smoke and around 50% of inpatients are heavy smokers (there is building evidence suggesting a link between the severity of the mental illness and the use of tobacco).

We aim to support service users to stop smoking and by doing so, improve their health, wellbeing and life expectancy, as well as in some cases reducing levels of medication and therefore potentially experiencing less side effects. It is believe that this will lead to better health outcomes and support rehabilitation and recovery.

Help, advice and resources

NHS websites have plenty of advice surrounding becoming smoke free and the benefits of not smoking.


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Mental health and smoking partnership

Smoking prevalence among people with a mental health condition is higher than the average rate in the general population. The Mental Health and Smoking Partnership aims to address this disparity in smoking rates and ensure smokers with a mental health condition are not left behind as we move towards a smokefree generation.

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