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Research and Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust - discovering and evaluating new interventions, improving service user and carer experience, improving patient care, and supporting staff development.


Our team are available to support all enquiries relating to research and innovation across GMMH. 

Taking part in Research

If you are a service user, carer, relative or member of staff and would like to know more about opportunities to take part in research, please visit Taking Part in Research | Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS FT (gmmh.nhs.uk).

Or contact steve.lankshear@gmmh.nhs.uk

Research Grants and Funding

If you are looking to apply for funding to carry out a research project, the R&I team will be able to support you with identifying appropriate funding opportunities, costing projects, identifying collaborators, arranging contracts, managing research budgets.

In the first instance please contact Sue Dobson, R&I Grants Coordinator susan.dobson@gmmh.nhs.uk or Wendy Clarke, Senior R&I Administrator wendy.clarke@gmmh.nhs.uk

Also see Carrying Out Research

Research Approvals

If you are looking at setting up and research project, the R&I team will be able to support you with initial feasibility assessments, research sponsorship, approvals from the Health Research Authority, confirmation of capacity and capability within GMMH, arranging letters of access, processing study amendments.

In the first instance please contact Rachel Rosenhead, Research Support Coordinator rachel.rosenhead@gmmh.nhs.uk

Also see Applications

Research Delivery

If you have an active research project or a project in set-up, we can support you with achieving participant recruitment targets including recruitment planning, accessing research delivery team resource, engaging with clinical services, overseeing recruitment data.

In the first instance please contact Kelly Gallagher, Research Recruitment Facilitator kelly.gallagher@gmmh.nhs.uk

Also see Recording Recruitment in GMMH 


If you have innovative ideas or have identified products that you think could improve our services/service user experience within GMMH, we would love to hear from you.

Our R&I team can support with appraising innovations and implementing those suitably aligned to GMMH clinical and corporate strategies, resources, and innovation capability.

For further discussions, please contact John Sainsbury, Innovation Manager, john.sainsbury@gmmh.nhs.uk

R&I comms

The R&I team would like to share information across the GMMH community in order to increase awareness and understanding of research and innovation and encourage participation and involvement.

This could include planning events, developing web pages, sharing personal research stories, disseminating trial outcomes, celebrating successful implementation of a new intervention or share any other R&I related activity.

If you would like support with R&I Communications, please contact Carl Bateson, Service User Research Recruitment Facilitator carl.bateson@gmmh.nhs.uk


General Enquiries

If your query does not fit into one of the categories above then please feel free to contact the main R&I Office on 0161 271 0084 or researchoffice@gmmh.nhs.uk and one of the R&I team will direct your query appropriately.