Service users

Health records play a vital role in the NHS – from storing important clinical information that is essential to your care to being used to improve public health and services.

Do you know:

  • why the NHS collects information about you and how it is used?
  • with whom we may share information?
  • your right to see your health records?
  • how we keep your records confidential?
  • Who to contact if you require advice and support in relation to your personal information.

You have a right to see or obtain a copy of personal information that we hold about you in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduced May 2018.

All requests for access to personal information must be submitted in writing. Please note proof of identity will be required for us to be able to assist you.

The leaflet link on the right provides more details about the personal information which we hold, how we use and share it and how you may gain access to it.

If your request is for information from a Wigan Service, please note that following the transfer of Services from North West Boroughs (now disbanded and known as Mersey Care), that for an interim period all requests will be processed by Mersey Care. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact

As a patient

As a service user, relative or carer using our services, sometimes you may need to turn to someone for help, advice, and support. 

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