Service Changes

Reintroducing the Library and Knowledge Services

We have begun re-introducing some of the services that we suspended to protect staff and users of the library service and spaces.

Both of our sites are now reopen but you will find the library services are very different to how they used to be for the foreseeable future, as we have introduced a range of measures to protect you, other library users and our staff.

We are still providing virtual support for literature searches, current awareness and general queries. We can also provide library inductions and training virtually over MS teams, please see below for details of how to book a session or contact us directly.

We ask that you respect the new ways of working and if you have any queries, please contact

We look forward to welcoming you back to the Library and Knowledge Services.

The Curve Library, Prestwich

The library site will be open to visitors from 08:30-16:30 Monday-Friday and library staff will be available during these times to provide support to library users. Please understand that our staff may not be able to assist you in the same way as we did before, in order for us to maintain social distancing.

Measures which are in place to promote the safe use of the library include reducing the number of PCs and study spaces available, providing a one way system round the library, quarantining library books for 72 hours and introducing a Click and Collect service.

The Knowledge Service, Fallowfield

The Knowledge Service will be open from 10:00-15:00 Monday-Friday for the Click and Collect service and returns only. Please find full details of the Click and Collect service below.

We are currently unable to offer study space, PC use or browsing for books and resources. This will be reviewed in the coming weeks.

Library and Knowledge Service Safety Charter

The Library and Knowledge Service COVID-19 Safety Charter gives information of how we are working to keep library users safe and our expectations of those visiting the library.

Click and Collect Service

You can reserve books, health promotion resources and leaflets to collect from the Library and Knowledge Services at The Curve Library, Prestwich or The Knowledge Service, Fallowfield. Please note that most of our health promotion resources and leaflets are held at Fallowfield. We are currently operating an appointment system to collect items to limit the number of people in the library at one time, in order to maintain social distancing.

To make a reservation, please contact us at and include the details of the items you would like to borrow, a few preferred dates and times when you are able to collect them, and whether you would like to collect from The Curve or the Knowledge Service.

You can also make reservations over the phone by calling 0161 358 1772 (The Curve) or 0161 271 0505 ext. 3 (Knowledge Service).


To reserve books:

  • If you know which books you would like, please include the title and author when you email or call to reserve.
  • If you don’t have a specific book in mind, you can send us a topic and we can send you a list of relevant books for you to choose from.
  • You can also search for books using the online catalogue for NHS libraries in the North at to see what we have available. If the books is listed as being held by the GMMH library, you can contact us to reserve it. If another library holds it we can borrow it for you, but it may take up to a week to arrive and we cannot guarantee that all books on the catalogue will be available. Books borrowed from other libraries can be collected from either The Curve Library or the Knowledge Service.
  • Please note the NW Libraries catalogue is NOT an interactive site, and you will be unable to reserve or request books directly. You will need to contact the GMMH LKS service for ANY items you want to borrow.


To reserve health promotion resources:

  • If you know which resources you would like, please include the title or a description of the resource when you email or call to reserve.
  • If you don’t have a specific resource in mind, you can send us a topic and tell us the audience you will be using it with, and we can send you a list of relevant resources for you to choose from.


To reserve leaflets:

  • Please contact us at for a list of the leaflets we have available and a leaflet order form.


To collect:

  • When you email your reservation request, please include a few preferred dates and times for you to collect the items. We will then confirm your appointment date and time by email.
  • We aim to turn around requests in 24 hours or less, but at busy periods this may take longer (e.g. if the book is being borrowed or being sent from another library).
  • There is a designated collection point for items in each library.
    • The Curve – There is a designated collection point inside the Library. At busy times, this will be moved outside the Library.
    • The Knowledge Service – Please press the buzzer for the intercom and a member of library staff will answer and bring your items out to you.
  • If you find you are no longer able to attend the appointment at the time arranged, please let us know and we can rearrange it for you. If you miss the appointment and don’t contact us, the items you reserved will be returned to the shelves after 2 days.


To browse books:

If you would still like to come and browse our shelves at The Curve Library then you are welcome to do so but please bear the following in mind when planning your visit:

  • A maximum of 2 people are permitted in the library space at any one time. It the space has reached full capacity you will be asked to wait at the entrance to the library until someone leaves the area.
  • Please wear the gloves provided before touching any books. 

Booking a PC

The Library and Knowledge Service now offers a PC reservation service. Please contact the library by phone (0161 358 1772) or e-mail to make a booking.

The Library at the Curve, Prestwich has two PCs that can be booked for a one hour slot between 09:00-16:00.

Fallowfield Library is currently closed and we aren’t offering PC access presently. This will be reviewed in October.

We will accept PC bookings on a walk-in basis but we can’t guarantee that there will be a free PC for you to use at your chosen time. We therefore recommend you book in advance. 

Library users can book a maximum of one session per day.

Library users who have booked a timed slot to use a PC will take precedent over walk in users. 

Please remember to wipe the keyboard, mouse, screen and surrounding area before and after your session and use the hand sanitiser before touching any equipment.

Due to social distancing restrictions we are limited as to how many people can use PCs in the library at any one time. The booking system has been put in place to make it fair to all library users wishing to use a PC. The situation is constantly changing and we will regularly review this policy to check it is meeting the needs of library users whilst keeping staff and library users safe. 

Booking Virtual Training and Inductions

The Library and Knowledge Service offers virtual training sessions on literature searching, accessing our e-resources and using your Athens account over MS Teams.  We can also provide virtual library inductions to groups and individuals.  

Library staff are available to run virtual training and induction sessions Monday-Friday between 08:30-16:30.

To book a one-to-one or group session, please email and provide a few preferred dates and times for the training/induction to take place. Once your session has been booked you will receive confirmation and an MS Teams invitation which will contain a link to the session and joining instructions.

Please note, you need to register for a free OpenAthens account before attending the training. You can register for an OpenAthens account here: