GMMH’s Health and Justice Service provides physical health, mental health, pharmacy and substance misuse services within a number of prisons spread across a large geographical footprint.  

We work with our prison colleagues, and other healthcare professionals, to ensure that prisoners receive access to a level of healthcare that is comparable to what our service users would be able to access in the community.   

“I just wanted to write this letter of thanks for everything you have done and continue to do in keeping us safe so Thank You.  Every single one of you should be proud of what you have achieved and the difference you are making. You really are the NHS heroes and angels of the healthcare system”

HMP Garth

Our teams

Physical Health

The Primary Care department provides a full range of services that you would expect to find within the community, services which include GP clinics, physiotherapy, dentistry and optometry.  The multidisciplinary team work together to triage our service users, identify illnesses/conditions and provide treatment as required.

Our nursing team support the administration of medication and run nurse clinics including immunisation/vaccination, wound dressing, health checks etc. We work jointly with other healthcare professional in and outside the prison setting to ensure the best care is provided. 

Mental Health

The Health and Justice Service provides individualised care and treatment for service users with a wide range of mental health conditions.  Our mental health service works within the stepped care model, we provide services from assessment and treatment at Step 2 to specialist secondary mental health care at Step 5 

Primary mental health staff offer assessment, signposting, advice and support with common mental disorders by qualified mental health nurses and psychological / health and wellbeing practitioners

Secondary mental health team staff provide a mental health team that is comparable to community mental health services and works within the Care Programme Approach (CPA) framework.

The Mental Health team, in collaboration with a wider multidisciplinary team, provide a healthcare service that is equitable to community services, this includes involvement from registered nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, wellbeing practitioners, counsellors and support staff.


We run three dispensaries across our Health and Justice footprint, which provides medications to approximately 6,500 prisoners. We supply medications for all conditions and provide comparable care to that in the community. This includes the full range of NHS pharmaceuticals including specialist medications. Each dispensary has a broad range of staff including a pharmacy manager , pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and dispensing assistants.

Substance Misuse Service

Within Health and Justice our Substance Misuse services operate 7 days a week and provides both clinical and psychosocial interventions to service users.  We focus on delivering high performing substance misuse treatment and recovery with our partners to promptly identify and support people affected by alcohol or drug misuse into appropriate treatment. 

The clinical substance misuse element involves administration of prescribed medication, working together with the service users to develop and deliver treatment plans to work towards their recovery.

Working jointly with our partners the clinical and psychosocial teams carry out a range of one to one and group interventions, including harm reduction advice, overdose awareness and mutual aid groups.

We work collaboratively with a wide range of providers to ensure that service users have the appropriate referrals in place following release and in the community.  

Work with Us

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As a patient

As a service user, relative or carer using our services, sometimes you may need to turn to someone for help, advice, and support. 

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