Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust is the provider of mental health, substance misuse and offender personality disorder services to custodial settings. All services are delivered in partnership with a number of different health providers and multiple agencies internally and externally.  We work closely with all agencies to support offenders during their time in custody and supporting them in the transition back in to the community.

Our high quality, responsive mental health services recognise the high level of mental health needs for offenders and offer a range of support, assessments and therapies from a variety of health professionals including forensic and adolescent psychiatry, clinical and forensic psychology, registered mental health and learning disability nurses, art therapists, IAPT and counselling services.

Our substance misuse services provide a range of clinical and psychosocial interventions to offenders at every point in the recovery journey.  We work closely in partnership, recognising offenders with substance misuse problems require a high level of multi-agency interventions to support their stabilisation and recovery.

"It's a safe environment for me to stay clean and learn from people who have been here for a while. You learn the tools to keep you clean and to be a productive member of society."

HMP Preston

Mental health inreach team

The Mental Health Inreach Team (MHIT) is a specialist mental health service provided for the inmates of HMP Manchester based on the community model seen outside the prison.

The Team bring together the skills, knowledge and experience of psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, and a group worker, working in partnership with the healthcare staff of the prison inpatient unit and the discipline staff on the wings. Within the prison they provide the assessment and support people need to deal with the problems that can stem from mental ill health.

The MHIT use the Care Programme Approach (CPA) when working with prisoners, though the Care Co-ordinator role remains with the CMHT in the prisoner's home location. Liaison with other teams and services outside the prison is a key part of the MHIT service, including not only community mental health services in the prisoner's home location but also the Probation service and the Criminal Justice Liaison Team to ensure that there is a continuity of planning and care as people move in and out of prison.

The team provide the full range of nursing inputs available in other settings, including assessment, care planning, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, psycho-social interventions and medication.

A range of group work activities is also provided from the Day Care Centre operated by the team, covering anger management, social skills, recovery, and health promotion including mental and physical wellbeing. There is also a specialist group for older prisoners.

The team also provide a range of services which are more primary care in nature but which require secondary care level input due to the complexity and risk management issues that stem from the prison environment. These include triage and assessment of all prisoners identified as potentially having mental health problems at the screening process that all prisoners go through on entering the prison, mental health checks on all prisoners held in the segregation unit on a daily basis and special assessment of all high profile prisoners and those sentenced for particularly serious crimes.

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