Pre-discharge recovery ward



Newland Ward delivers 8 beds for a similar recovery focused pre-discharge pathway.

Service users residing at Rockley House and Newlands usually have significant levels of leave and are actively working towards their discharge to a community placement/destination.

The model of care is based on the principles of recovery, a feeling of hope and optimism is essential for our service users' recovery.  We believe that service users should be empowered to regain and maintain control over their lives and to develop a sense of meaning and purpose.

Volunteering Opportunities

The wards work closely with a Volunteer Coordinator; who visit regularly and joins our meetings. There is a bi-monthly volunteering newsletter circulated to the wards each month describing opportunities.

We have had many of our service users volunteering in many settings to gain life skills and build a portfolio of their certificates of achievements.

The volunteering list consists of:

  • Placement at the renowned Slattery’s Bakers in Whitefield
  • First Steps Trust
  • Manchester city centre – Wonder Inn, where patients can do building, painting and decorating. Also catering and customer care.
  • British Red Cross, our patients can work in Charity Shops, Assist with fundraising projects and administrative tasks
  • Urban Cycling Centre – repair and maintain bikes, involvement in bike projects, design and development.

The service users and staff feel this is an essential part of the pre-discharge recovery process and gives invaluable experience and skills to maintain links to the  community where in many cases the service users may live in the future



As a patient

As a service user, relative or carer using our services, sometimes you may need to turn to someone for help, advice, and support. 

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