Chapman Barker Unit

The Chapman Barker Unit is a 36 bed regional detoxification inpatient unit that offers a truly unique, medically managed and recovery-focused treatment for men and women with substance misuse problems.

We believe that each person with a drug and/or alcohol problem is unique and as such should be offered treatment programmes that are individually designed to meet their needs.

The unit has two admission pathways, pathway one is planned admissions for service users with complex substance misuse problems and co-existing physical and mental health concerns, and the second pathway is RADAR. At GMMH we are home to the UK first RADAR referral pathway (Rapid Access Detoxification Alcohol hospital) this pathway is a bespoke 5-7 day rapid alcohol detoxification programme.

We offer help and treatment to both men and women in need of substance misuse detoxification.  We do not just see the addiction; we see the person, their family and carers and co-produce care plans so that our patients feel part of the recovery process from day one.

Alongside these individual recovery plans our strong clinical expertise means we can treat and support, service users with poly-dependency (where an individual uses at least three different classes of substances) and finally, service users that also have a physical health condition alongside their substance misuse.

We employ a multi –disciplinary team Registered Mental Nurses, support workers,  Registered General Nurse, a medical team, a therapy team based on the unit and an out of hours support from the Hospital at Night Team.  This means that any medical issue can be dealt with 24 hours a day, seven days a week.