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Month of Hope

We want to mark these two important days by having a month of inspiring messages. We want to hear from service users about what helped them out of their dark place. All contributors will be kept completely anonymous but we will share their messages across social media and online with the hashtag: #inspiringhope

If you would like to contribute a message of hope, please contact:  

Terry's Story

Hi, I'm Terry and I sit here proudly today working for GMMH. I am the Trust's Service User and Engagement Coordinator. Part of my role is to collect stories from the GMMH Community and tell them through creative mediums, feeding back to The Trust's professionals at every level and to the wider society.

Rewind to 2011… I survived a serious attempt to take my own life. I was in hospital for over a year, firstly recovering from my physical injuries and then into a dual diagnosis unit in Prestwich, Manchester.

This was my 15th detox and fourth rehab and I'm happy to say it was also my last. I spent the next few years finally asking for help. I worked on many different therapies learning to cope with my diagnosis of PTSD and Borderline Personality disorder, whilst also beating my addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Of course, all the therapies helped me understand my diagnosis and deal with events from my childhood, but I didn't truly start to recover until I reconnected to the rest of society through art and creativity.

In the last 8 years I've found ways to combine all I've learnt in the mental health services with art and creativity, to deliver unique projects to peers in the community. I've been supported, trusted and valued by the GMMH NHS Trust in my recovery journey to the point of giving me my first role in employment since 2004.

One of my most valuable assets recognised is my openness and honesty in sharing my lived experience when working with both professionals and people in the GMMH community.

I sit back and sometimes reflect on how back then most days were full of thoughts of “not wanting to be here" and “how I can I end it all today" to this day and most days full of exciting thoughts such as “what can I achieve today", “I'm going to make a difference today".

I'm so happy I survived that cry for help in 2011, and that I'm alive today to be able to offer my “lived and still living experience" as part of the Month of Hope event and towards helping towards Suicide Prevention at every opportunity I can.

Safire Ward, Park House

We have had some wonderful messages of hope from service users at Safire Ward in Park House.

  • Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations
  • Somebody loves you
  • Don't be the same be better
  • Be proud of who you are​


If you would like to contribute a message of hope, please contact:

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