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'I have been given a platform to grow in my career'


Daberechi Chikezie (Dabs) is a Nursing Assistant on Loweswater Ward, on our Prestwich site. We spoke to Dabs to get her thoughts on her current role and where she was looking to grow with GMMH.

What inspired you to choose your role?

Growing up I watched a family member suffer a mental health issue without the right support - and when my mum also got sick with dementia, I took on a huge responsibility in taking care of her. I have always loved caring for people and looking out for them and this is one of the many reasons that inspired me to take up a role as a support worker. 

Please tell us about a typical day in your role. 

Every day presents a whole new chapter of things to learn, and I look forward to coming to work as I am certain I will learn something new. 

I happen to work with the male patients which initially I thought could be a difficult task, but I have been able to learn their different behaviours and health issues, how to cope with them, and most importantly the best approach to care for them. 

What do you like most about your career with GMMH? What would you say are the best parts of the job?

GMMH has given me the opportunity to realise that I have got potential and can offer the best form of care. 

From recruitment, to induction, down to my current team has been nothing but amazing. I've been given a platform to grow in my career and I have been equipped with diverse e-learning and physical learning opportunities. 

Going forward, I intend to further my career by qualifying as a registered nurse and GMMH has got the best platform to help me achieve this goal.

What aspects of your role surprised you, what were you not prepared for or didn’t expect?

Wow! The support has been impressive from team members and my line manager - who has been a pillar of support in ensuring we are completing our training, teaching us how to best care for our patients, how to handle daily challenges etc.

The follow up from the support team was a nice surprise too - I have never experienced that! I also get involved in interactive psychology sessions (formulation), which is a time to learn more about our patients, the best forms of treatment and support we can offer them. 

What advice would you offer to others considering a career as a HCSW?  

I will strongly advise anyone who is thinking about taking a job as a support worker to do so with an open mind. Be ready to learn a realistic and result-oriented approach to mental health support. Be ready to progress in your career and apply the best form person centred care to every patient you will have the opportunity to work with.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Personally, I am a health and fitness enthusiast; I love exercising at home and in the gym. I hang out with friends and I love to cook!

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