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Pride 2021

We’re wishing all our staff, volunteers, patients and their families a happy Pride. We know celebrations might be a little different, but we’ll still be celebrating our wonderful LGBT+ family.

In a social burst for Pride, and to remind people about why the ethos of Pride and symbol of the rainbow Pride flag matters, we are running a social media campaign, putting our LGBT+ staff and LGBT+ allies front and centre. You’ll see this on all our social media channels towards the end of Pride Season 2021 and during Pride in the NHS week (6-10 Sept).

Image of a man and the following sentence: “No one should ever be afraid to show off their true colours – as a staff member of GMMH I am proud to support and empower all members of our LGBTQ+ community. Have a great Pride!” on a graphic featuring a rainbow.

In previous years GMMH staff have joined in Pride marches across the county to celebrate who they are, to showcase the NHS as Europe’s biggest employer of LGBT+ staff, and to stand in solidarity with all those who still face discrimination or feel unable to be open about their sexuality or gender expression at home or at work.

This year, we are more needed elsewhere, but we are with everyone in spirit and however you mark it we wish you all a very happy and safe Pride 2021!

You can join in the digital conversation using #GMMHLGBT, #NHSVirtualPride and #UnderTheRainbow and on Twitter @GMMH_NHS and @VirtualNHSPride

Image of man and the following sentence: I’m very proud to work for an organisation that recognises, values and celebrates LGBT+ people. I hope everyone has a happy, healthy and safe Pride wherever you are! on a graphic featuring a rainbow

LGBT+ Staff Network

We are committed to creating, and maintaining, an inclusive culture in our organisation where everyone feels safe to be themselves. Our LGBT+ Staff Network provides a welcoming and supportive peer network of colleagues who identify as part of the LGBTQI+ community. The network has the ability to steer, support, lead, champion and celebrate LGBT+ focused work being undertaken across the organisation.

The Rainbow Badge initiative

In 2019, we signed up to the NHS Rainbow initiative - supporting staff to wear the NHS rainbow badges. The initiative is a simple way to signal to our LGBT service users, their families and carers that they can be comfortable in discussing LGBT issues and be signposted, where needed, to the appropriate support.  

Picture of the NHS Rainbow badge

The badges are just one way to show that GMMH is an open, non-judgemental and inclusive place for people that identify as LGBT+ (which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender). The + simply means that we are inclusive of all identities, regardless of how people define themselves.

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