Needle Exchange

Injecting Needle Exchange is open for business and can be found at our satellite centres and Needle Exchange pharmacies.

To ensure the continuation of this provision during the Covid-19 restriction satellite centres and pharmacies have had to make some minor changes to opening hours for this service, with this in mind please contact the local office for the most up to date information.

During your visit please ask about the life saving Naloxone provision. This is available as part of any injecting equipment requested.

Service Locations

Unity Achieve Recovery Services
Carlisle 01228 212060  
Penrith  01228 212060  
Barrow 01229 201020  
Kendal 01539 244004  
Whitehaven 01946 350020  
Workington 01900 270010  


Safer Injecting and Alternatives

  •  Safer Injecting Advice for Opiates
  • Wash hands & injection site
  • Always use clean/new equipment
  • Never share any equipment including spoons, filters and water
  • Work from a clean surface to prepare your hit
  • Ensure you are using the right needle in the right place
  • Rotate your injection sites
  • Do NOT inject if you can feel a pulse
  • Dispose of equipment in sharps bins and return to your IEP service

There are a number of useful short films produced by Harm Reduction Works that can be found on their You Tube channel.

There are a number of alternatives to injecting that the harm reduction team can discuss. These include:

  • Smoking heroin
  • Snorting

Keep yourself and others safe by returning all used equipment to your local center.

“Some of our videos do not currently have transcripts and should any visitor to our website require this, please contact us and we will do our best to support you.”

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247 Helpline

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