Group Analytic Therapy

Group Analytic therapy is a method of group psychotherapy that combines insights from psychoanalysis with an understanding of social and interpersonal functioning. Through working on the relationship between the individual group member and the rest of the group, the aim is to help the individual to better integrate with his or her family and community.

Who is it for?
Group analysis is applied to a variety of problems and life situations. These include anxiety, depression, interpersonal difficulties, low self-esteem and psychosomatic conditions. However this therapy is also concerned with uncovering undeveloped aspirations and creativity of group members.

How does it work?
The therapeutic benefits come from the process of therapy in the group and by the group rather than exclusively from the therapist. In a typical psychotherapy group, a process evolves from which everyone gains at the same time in a stimulating interaction between group members. Past patterns of attitudes, feelings and behaviour may appear in the group and reflecting on these patterns opens the path to growth and development.

Group members learn to see themselves through the eyes of others and gain new insights about their relationships to others. Through the relationships that develop within the group a living demonstration is provided of how past patterns of behaviour can be reenacted in the present. The therapeutic group provides a nurturing environment within which it becomes possible to recover from traumatic experiences and also to participate in the therapy of other group members. Everyone uses the group differently and any fears that it will be too difficult to talk usually soon disappear in the trusting atmosphere of the group. A typical group consists of up to eight people meeting weekly with a therapist.  Most groups are of mixed gender and members will have a range of different psychological issues. In order to maintain confidentiality, group members are asked not to discuss group issues outside of the group nor to meet up socially.

How long is the programme?
In order to give group therapy a proper trial, we suggest that people commit to attending for 6 months in the first instance. This is to allow them to feel part of a group process before deciding if the group could be helpful for them. Most people opt to continue for longer and can remain in the group for up to 2 or 3 years.

When and where does it take place?
Group Analytic therapy is offered at Gaskell House Psychotherapy Centre, Swinton Grove, Manchester. Weekly sessions usually occur in early evenings and last for 90 minutes.

As a patient

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