Transforming Community Mental Health Together

This is an exciting time for mental health services. We will be redesigning community mental health care to increase accessibility, where and when people need it. We want to offer more choice and more control over the care you receive, and to help you stay well and active in your community, wherever you live, whatever your background.


The community transformation model

Greater Manchester Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategic Vision



What is community mental health transformation?

Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMMH) is working with people who use our services, carers, colleagues, and support organisations to transform community mental health services across Greater Manchester as part of the national community mental health services transformation.

Living Well Teams, are multiagency and made up of a range of partners providing different services that will bridge the gap between primary (GP and community-based) services and secondary (hospital-based and specialist) services.

Living Well creates new ways of supporting the mental health of people in local communities. It offers holistic support for anyone struggling with their mental health.  The team listen and connect them with the support they need within the community this could involve things like help with finance, housing, employment, mental illness or loneliness.  These are the kind of wider health and social care needs that service users and carers tell us they would like support with via our experience surveys and engagement activities.

Codesign, coproduction and codelivery with people with lived experience and their carers are key features of theprogramme. For example, people with lived experience of eating disorders, rehab services and personality difficulties have been involved in the development of the new pathways described above. We have also employed Peer Support Workers within Living Well services and there are plans to roll these posts out wider as the programme develops.

What will it achieve?

These new teams will work with service users and carers to ensure that people across Greater Manchester have access to mental health and wellbeing care in their local area at the right time and right place. The new teams will deliver personalised care, offering a wide range of support.

The partnership is designed to improve our service users’ and carers’ experiences of mental health care and access, by developing a new integrated community mental health model delivered in local communities.

Dedicated areas of focus also see an expansion of Adult Eating Disorders services, the development of a new Community Rehabilitation Team and the development of a pathway for people with personality disorder.

Access to psychological therapies in community mental health teams will also be strengthend.  Again, a need which is regularly fed back to us from service users and carers.

Why is this being carried out now?

The community mental health transformation is being carried out in line with the NHS Long Term Plan (2019). One of its main priorities is to offer equal access to mental health services across Greater Manchester.

How will current service users and carers of GMMH be affected by these changes?

There will be no immediate changes to the care you are  receiving.  If anything is to change – for example, as the new Living Well Teams are developed – we will let you know in plenty of time.

GMMH is dedicated to working with you to ensure we are making a positive difference for you, as well as finding opportunities through the local Living Well Collaboratives and our service user and carer engagement scheme to work with you to shape services throughout this journey. If you are interested in getting involved please contact

How will I be kept updated?

GMMH will keep you informed on the programme’s progress and we will keep you updated through our regular correspondence with you such as letters, emails, and conversations as well as through podcasts in some areas.  We will keep the dedicated webpage updated and you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram where we will share the latest information. 

How can I give feedback?

We are dedicated to working with you to keep you updated, engaged, and informed throughout the process. We will send you this briefing regularly and keep the dedicated website page updated.

You can also ask any questions or send us any comments or suggestions here:

What is happening in my area?

Bolton Manchester Trafford Salford Wigan

Bolton is a national accelerator site. The local collaborative meeting which was started to design and shape the new service has been running for some time now. The new Living Well team has been designed and recruitment is taking place.


The team will be working in partnership with Family Action BAND who will host several key roles in the new team. The Living Well Team will also work alongside other local providers to deliver the service.


The Living Well team will begin in the Farnworth and Kearsley area in the near future.

Roll out to other areas will be phased over the next year.

Manchester is just starting its journey to design the Living Well model and what this will look like for north, south and central Manchester. Local collabortive meetings are underway that will do this work.

The Manchester Community Transformation  VCSE lead along with the collaboratives are developing an understanding of local needs and experiences. 


Trafford has established a local collaborative and is  starting its journey to design the Living Well model in partnership with VCSE leads and other partners. 

Living Well Salford is one of four national pilot sites and is part of the Living Well UK programme.

Living Well service is offered in Broughton and Ordsall neigbourhoods. Local collaborative discussions are taking place to phase the roll out across the city over the next year.

Lived experience support is a key feature of the service and is at the heart of the model.  Living Well Salford’s Peer Support Workers are experts by experience and are able to connect with people from a place of understanding and walk alongside them promoting hope, inclusion and recovery.   To keep up to date with everything going on at Living Well Salford, follow them on Twitter at @LWinSalford


Wigan has established a local collaborative and is  starting its journey to design the Living Well model in partnership with the Wigan system.

A Community Transformation VCSE Lead is being recruited to. This person will work in partnership with GMMH and other partners to collaboratively design the Living Well model for Wigan.