Trafford Primary Care Mental Health and Wellbeing Service

Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust is introducing a new service to Trafford residents – a Primary Care Mental Health and Wellbeing Service (PCMHWS).  The Trust have been working collaboratively with our colleagues from Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group to develop a Service specification/Service model which means individuals who require additional support with mental health problems can access this new service in Primary care. 

The PCMHWS will help those who need more mental health support than their GP can provide but are not so unwell they require specialist mental health interventions from secondary care services. The overall aim of the service is to bridge the gap between primary and secondary mental health services and help individuals access support, wherever it is needed for mental health interventions. This may include support to access physical health screening programmes and support with engaging in community-based interventions/volunteering opportunities.

The PCMHWS is being rolled out in a phased approach (over the next few months) when the PCMHWS will expand across all of Trafford and incorporate input from Blu Sci (VCSE) who will offer peer support interventions and from Trafford Care Coordination Service (which will support increased access to screening & assessment).

The PCMHWS will offer:

  • Screening, assessment and mental health interventions from Mental Health Practitioners & Cognitive Behavioural Therapists
  • Access to medication advice/support to GP’s from a Pharmacist & Consultant Psychiatrist

People who can be referred to the service include: 

  • People who may be sub-threshold for secondary mental health services, but who present with complex health and social care needs, which are difficult to manage effectively, within existing primary care services and pathways.
  • People who have medically unexplained symptoms who have difficulty engaging with psychological therapies and need additional support
  • People with common mental health problems, made more complex and/or compounded by social care issues, or with significant dysfunction, which may prevent them from engaging with services which could offer appropriate support.
  • People with a Serious Mental Illness (SMI) identified on the GP Serious Mental Illness (SMI) register, who do not receive adequate physical health care including health checks.
  • People with Long Term Conditions (LTC’s) who would benefit from mental health care.
  • People who attend urgent care services including A&E, when their mental health needs might be better met within primary care.
  • People with mental health problems which have not been identified or fully assessed.

The PCMHWS base is at Manor House in Urmston. The PCMHWS service managers will be contacting GP practices in the North Locality over the next week as part of the service implementation.