Trafford Psychological Therapies

Trafford Psychological Therapies provides talking therapy for adults of all ages: it is free, confidential, and proven to be effective. Referral is via GP or other healthcare provider or self-referral. We provide talking therapies for those experiencing difficulties with anxiety and depression based presentations.

  • Are you feeling low, and it just won’t shift?
  • Do you worry excessively: have a head full of 'what if's?
  • Are you stressed or anxious, everyday?
  • Do you have panic attacks? Feel afraid to leave home? Can’t be on your own?
  • Are you always anxious when around other people?
  • Are you worried about your health, despite reassurance from doctors?
  • Are you tormented by unwanted intrusive thoughts and the need to repeat behaviours, pushed around by the internal bully of OCD?
  • Do you have flashbacks of frightening past events?
  • Are you your own worst enemy, always harsh and critical of yourself?
  • Do you find it hard to manage your anger?
  • Do past events still negatively affect how you think of yourself and other people?
  • Are difficulties in your relationship contributing to your feelings of low mood?

If the answer is “yes” to one or more of these questions then you are not alone. There are 30,000 people in Trafford struggling in silence with the impact of such emotional difficulties.

Trafford Psychological Therapies provides talking therapy for adults of all ages: it is free, confidential, and proven to be effective. You do not have to endure this unnecessary suffering. We have trained practitioners offering support ranging guided self-help with Psychological Wellbeing Pracitioner, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Psychology and Counselling, enabling you to learn ways to help you cope better. In additional to individual therapy, we also offer couple councelling for depression and group work. 

IAPT (Improing Access to Psychological Therapies) is a national programme developed in recognition that one in four of us will experience these difficulties at some point in our lives. 

You can expect us to be collaborative, respectful, caring, and go out of our way to try and help you to make a difference to your life. We expect you to work alongside us, commit to regular attendance and share responsibility for making the changes you want to make.

We try to provide everybody with a first appointment within four weeks.


“I cannot remember when I last felt so positive about my life & future. You have restored my confidence & I now approach my life & problems as they arrive, with a new ‘lease of life!’ My sense of humour & fun has been restored & I am determined that I shall remain a happy, motivated & valuable family member & member of my community. Without your dedication, expertise & understanding approach I would never have been able to achieve this.”

“I was really at the end of my tether with my social anxiety, it was impacting every part of my life and getting worse. I knew I needed help and I'd put it off for too long. Lockdown was the final straw and I made the call. I had heard about CBT but I didn't know whether it would work for me because I thought my problem was so bad....I'm so glad I was wrong. So my experience of your service was amazing, my goals when we first set them seemed impossible to me to achieve and now I'm smashing them every day. I can't put into words the difference it has made to my life, home life and with family, friends and work and since finishing therapy I know I am still improving.”

Please click the following link to see more service user testimonials: Trafford-Psychological-Therapies-Service-User-Testimonials (1).pdf [pdf] 4MB