How long does it take to access the service?

We try to provide everybody with a first appointment within four weeks; at present 89% of people are seen within this time period.

We have a range of different types of help available in a range of locations across Trafford. The amount of time you wait will be influenced by which therapy you require, how flexible you are about where you can attend and the number of other people currently waiting for that option.

Our therapists always work to capacity, seeing as many people as is possible; we all try to work as efficiently as possible in order to make ourselves available for people we know are waiting to be seen. To date, 87% of people are satisfied with the time they waited for first and subsequent appointments.

What do people who have used the service say?

In order to show whether we are as effective as we should be, we evaluate all aspects of the service we provide. Measures of mood and anxiety are completed at every meeting. We also collect a Patient Experience Questionnaire from everybody who completes therapy with us; over 3,000 have been returned.

This is how people answered our question about how effective the service was:

I have resolved the main problem for which I sought help
Not at all 2%
Partly 17%
Mostly 35%
Completely 46%

Service Satisfaction

This is how people answered our question about how satisfied they were:

I am satisfied with my overall experience of using the service
Not at all 0%
Partly 2%
Mostly 15%
Completely 83%


As a patient

As a service user, relative or carer using our services, sometimes you may need to turn to someone for help, advice, and support. 

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