Roles for service users and carers

We are committed to working and engaging with service users, patients, family, friends, carers and the public in a wide range of ways.

Ensuring that people’s views are heard at all levels and across all parts of the Trust is essential for creating and delivering better health and care services.

Service users and people who look after someone can get involved in the following ways:

  • Providing your views as a representative at a service improvement meeting or working group.
  • Getting involved in the recruitment and selection process of staff.
  • Helping inspect our buildings for the purposes of audit or PLACE Inspection (Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment).
  • Co-deliver our training (as part of the Trust induction or as a Course Tutor for our Recovery Academy)
  • Speaking at an event
  • Contributing to the development of policies or reviewing information
  • And many more.

You will be paid for your time. The rate of pay is £10 per hour. Payment for mileage will be reimbursed at the same rate as our staff who use their own vehicle for business mileage (currently 56p per mile).

When a vacancy is advertised, we are looking for applications from lots of people who have used GMMH’s services, particularly in the last six months, as well as their carers and families.

There may also be occasions when someone with experience of our services over six months ago, either directly themselves, or indirectly as a family member/carer, can apply for a role.

Current opportunities are listed on this page, below, and/or advertised by flyers and on noticeboards in the services where roles are available.

Homeless and Addictions Division - Paid Service User and Carer Opportunities Talent Pod 2022/23

We are looking to expand the team of service users and carers who work with us on an ad hoc basis over the next year. The roles will vary, but could include recruitment, consultations, inspections and peer led activities supporting wellbeing and recovery from drug/alcohol use.

We will provide training to develop your skills and experience. Each role will have its own role description, plus you will be supported by relevant staff, including Talent Pod group supervision each quarter.

Recent feedback It was a great experience for me to see what you have to go through in an interview situation. I learnt a lot from it and would love to do it again if possible. I was made to feel welcome. I really believed that ... was the right one for the job. She had so much passion and I think she will bring a great energy. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience working with you. I really enjoyed it”.  


We are looking for applications from service users and carers with recent experience (within last 6 months) of Achieve, CBU or Homelessness services with lived experience of drug and/or alcohol problems.

You will be paid for your time and we will cover any travel expenses. The rate of pay is £10 per hour.

More details are on the application form which can be completed here:

Pop in to one of the ‘drop-ins’ if you want to discuss this opportunity in more detail.

Poster:  Addictions Talent Pod poster.docx


PLACE Inspector

PLACE (Patient Led Assessments of the Care Environment) Inspector

We are looking for individuals to help us form a trust wide PLACE inspection team.  Throughout the year the PLACE inspection team will visit all of our inpatient wards at Prestwich, Manchester, Bolton, Salford, Trafford, and Wigan, making sure that Greater Manchester Mental Health is providing the best environments for its service users.  The team looks at a variety of standards such as: cleanliness, quality of the food, privacy and dignity, the buildings general condition and maintenance & how the environment supports the care of those with dementia.

We are looking for applications from service users and carers with recent experience of mental health wards.

We will be providing PLACE inspection training prior to you starting and ongoing 1:1 support.

Our Inspectors are paid for their time; the rate of pay is £10.00 per hour. We will reimburse all public travel expenses or mileage costs if using your own car.

For more information

Tel: 0161 358 0833 / 07917 232302
Alternatively, email:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Poster:  PLACE Assessor Poster.pdf

Lived Experience Representative – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

If you've received Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) from the Trust you could become a paid Lived Experience Representative with us. In this role you would share your experience of CBT and help us to shape improvements in our service.

You can find more information about the role in our flyer: Lived Experience Representative advert for CBT

To express your interest, please contact or by 15 February 2024

Alternatively, please ring 0161 271 0190 and request to speak to Dimitra or Elleen.

Lived Experience Representative to Support Quality Improvement - July 2024

We are excited to be participating in Phase 2 of the National Quality Improvement Programme, supporting improvements in culture and practice to meet the aims of the Mental Health Act reforms.

We are looking for people with lived experience of receiving care in an inpatient setting, to help us shape the improvements we need to undertake. The programme aims at improving equity of experience for groups experiencing significant inequalities under the MHA. More information can be found at: National Mental Health Act Quality Improvement programme - The PSC & VMI

What are we looking for?

Anyone who has received care in an inpatient service.

How can I best represent service users and carers at this meeting?

You can best support this Quality Improvement Programme by drawing on your own experiences to help shape the work that the project group undertakes.

Will I be paid?

Yes, £10 per hour.

What is the commitment?

  • Weekly meetings with the Park House Ward based Project Team.
  • Online and Face to Face Workshops with the National and local QI Programme.

Forthcoming Dates:

  • Monday, 29th July,1-4 pm, online National Workshop

To discuss/express your interest, please contact Ioanna Melidou at

Lived Experience Representative advert for MH Act QI. July 24.docx [docx] 2MB

MH Act QI Programme Lived Experience Rep Job Description. July 24.docx [docx] 211KB

As a patient

As a service user, relative or carer using our services, sometimes you may need to turn to someone for help, advice, and support. 

Find resources for carers and service users  Contact the Trust