Research Advocate

Research Advocate

Become a Research Advocate

Research and Innovation are looking for staff keen to become Research Advocates within their clinical teams. This will help to extend research opportunities to service users under their service as research has always been part of the NHS and is an essential part of the GMMH strategy.


We are looking for GMMH staff:

  • who are interested and enthusiastic about research
  • who work in a clinical team
  • open to any profession
  • open to support staff (and to admin staff with a slightly different role description)


What the role would involve:

  • being a point of contact for researchers and research delivery staff
  • helping to prioritise what research projects visit your team meetings and help book in
  • informing colleagues of relevant research studies currently recruiting in team meetings
  • receiving convenient and brief updates on studies taking place in your area
  • helping to put up research posters for new studies in staff or patient areas
  • helping to make arrangements for the research delivery team to do more recruitment on your team’s behalf 
  • sharing recruitment performance summaries with your team (provided by R&I)
  • We anticipate that this role will require 15-30 minutes per week


The benefits of having research advocates in teams:

  • better access to research participation for your service users - depending on the study this can mean access to therapy, detailed assessments, and payments for participation
  • help your team deliver the NHS pledge service users “to inform you of research studies in which you may be eligible to participate”
  • improved recruitment means more recruitment related payments for your team
  • eligibility research engagement rewards (funding that is proportionate to recruitment of participants to our studies


The benefits for you as a Research Advocate:

  • improved knowledge and awareness of current research in your area
  • access to research related CPD opportunities (including clinical skills workshops) and support relevant to your interests, needs and career plans (not just for people who want a career in research, but also relevant for use of research skills in audit, and developing skills for application of research in clinical practice)
  • you will become part of a peer network of other research advocates from across the Trust, meeting like-minded people


If you are interested in this role, please discuss with your line manager and contact

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