Later life inpatient services

Our wards provide 24 hour care for service users, generally over 65 years old, who require support in managing mental illness. Our aim is to support and treat our service users to become well enough to return to their home, or if this is not possible to a suitable care/support environment.

Our service users may be experiencing relapse of a functional mental illness (Psychosis, Bi-polar disorder, depression, Schizophrenia) or may have an organic condition (Dementia) and require intensive assessment/treatment/management until ongoing arrangements can be made. In some circumstances the later life wards may accept service users under 65 years old depending on assessment of needs. The wards will always accept those under the age of 65 where Dementia is already diagnosed and inpatient care is required or where Dementia assessment is required in an inpatient setting.

We also encourage families and carers to be part of the process where this is possible and aim to support you at what may be a difficult time.

Care and treatment are provided by a multi- disciplinary team this includes: Consultant Psychiatrist and team, Nursing staff, Nursing Assistants, Activity Workers, Occupational Therapist, Administration Staff, Pharmacist  and a range of supporting professionals such at Dietician, Podiatry, Speech and Language Therapist, Physiotherapist.

We work closely with the Later Life Community mental health services and Later Life Therapy hub to ensure that a wide range of support options are available for our service users.