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World Suicide Prevention Day 2023: Messages of Hope

World Suicide Prevention Day, observed on September 10 every year, is a platform to raise awareness of suicide, bring people together to share hope and to promote preventative measures to reduce the number of suicides and suicide attempts globally. The theme for 2023 is Creating Hope Through Action.

To mark World Suicide Prevention Day, GMMH Recovery Academy students are proud to be sharing letters and messages of hope, with the aim of raising awareness around suicide prevention, spreading hope, and providing a source of light for those who may need it. 


A letter of Hope by Avril

I have been a service user for a while now. After struggling with depression, I tried a number of different times to end my life, I didn’t want to struggle anymore, I was ashamed as I have a lovely family and many friends, but it was me I wanted to get rid of!

I have had brilliant support from community mental health team in Trafford and they and my family and friends helped keep me safe. I still struggle with thoughts of suicide, it’s not easy to put that away but I know that there is always help around and there are always good bits within the hard times.

My advice is not to keep things to yourself, just speak to anyone if you feel bad, every life is precious so stay on the planet!


A letter of Hope by Kelly

Hi, I wanted to write this to show people there is hope. I believed that after many suicide attempts there was no hope and that my life had no purpose. How wrong was I? 

I found that there was a reason and that's because I do have a purpose, I am somebody. I discovered a peer lead mental health organisation who helped me to see my worth, and I became a student at the Recovery Academy.

I get the chance to see my grandchildren grow. I was given the opportunity to co-design and co-facilitate a training course. I've now also started to travel and see great sites. 

Most importantly, I've found hope makes my darker days seem not so dark anymore and wherever my life takes me, I now know with hope on my side, I can see a brighter life a head.


A message of Hope by Eddie

In life it will have its tests, moments what don’t seem right, and things don’t go to plan, but guess what, never give up! Keep trying, honestly guys, you CAN do it, just smash it.

All my brothers and sisters, have hope and strength to carry on, say no more.


A Letter of HOPE by LJR

A letter of hope to those that know,

A letter of hope to those who can relate,

Speaking about a time, a time stood still,

Feeling that you can do nothing, nothing but suffocate!


A letter of hope to those that are slipping down,

Feeling like your stood still, wearing nothing but a frown,

Looking, searching for yourself, you’re lost,

Cold and crumbling in the crisp morning frost.


When your stood there wondering why, drowning, sinking in the heavy thundering rain,

All the love for yourself, thoughts, feelings and pain,

Tend to go a miss,

Feels like your treading water, in the deep dark abyss.


Hiding, masking, and burying all of that pain behind a pretty smile,

All of your loved ones in front of you, not knowing,

Not knowing that you felt like this, that you have for a while.


When you choke up and it feels like you just can’t breathe,

See the courage, strength and passion to help you believe,

Look and dig deep, deep inside.

Know that you have the power, the power to survive!


Believe that you are worthy,

Believe that you are wanted, loved and needed,

It’s a letter of hope and you’re still here,

So stop, take a deep breath,

And face your biggest fear!


So, reach out and ask for help, support, a help in hand,

There are people that love you, people that need you,

 people to help you,

Pulling you back, back out of that sinking quick sand!


Look to the future and see the light,

Your hope, strength and courage will grow,

Grow night after night.


Take your time and take it day by day,

Trust in yourself, trust that there is a reason,





A message of Hope from Chris

It all started in 2013, out of the blue, having severe mental health problems. This led to suicidal thoughts day and night so bad I had several stays on a mental health ward.

Then one morning in 2015, woke up, this was the day I wanted to act on my thoughts. No note left, blocked out my family from my thinking. Woke up 10 hours later, rang my son, went to A&E.

The next day my 2 sons came to see me. They asked: “Dad, why didn’t you tell us what was going on?” The look in their eyes, still have tears now when I think about it.

Back on the ward this time things changed. Put on new medication, suicidal thoughts went. I wanted to be here, to start to rebuild my life. I had been given a second chance.

In 2016 I started to volunteer on a ward at Prestwich as a Peer Mentor. Felt good. Took 2 years and went back into paid work. Have a role as a support worker at Prestwich.

My main passion is helping out at the Recovery Academy on the Peer Mentor Level 2, Let’s Talk about Suicide, and the HOPE course.

I have found my purpose in life to help those going through what I went through.


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