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Research articles - December 2017

Recent Publications featuring Trust Staff, Research Clinicians and related researchers (GMMH, or the then Greater Manchester West NHS Foundation Trust or Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust).

Articles included in this bulletin are from regular searches scanning for authors affiliated to the organisation. If you have any questions, feedback, or articles to include please contact us at the Trust Library and Knowledge Services.

Berry, K., Fleming, P., Wong, S., and Bucci, S. Associations between Trauma, Dissociation, Adult Attachment and Proneness to Hallucinations. Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapy.: Notes:First published online as a First View, 27th November, 2017. Sandra Bucci affiliated to GMMH


Capobianco, L., Reeves, D., Morrison, A. P., and Wells, A. Group Metacognitive Therapy vs. Mindfulness Meditation Therapy in a Transdiagnostic Patient Sample: A Randomised Feasibility Trial. Psychiatry Research 259(January), 554-561. 2017. Notes: First published online 20th November, 2017. Anthony Morrison affiliated to GMW. Adrian Wells affiliated to MMHSCT


Carter, L., Read, J., Pyle, M., Law, H., Emsley, R., and Morrison, A. Causal beliefs in people experiencing psychosis: The relationship to treatment accessed and the perceived helpfulness of treatment. Psychology & Psychotherapy: Theory, Research & Practice., 2017  Notes: First published online as an Early View 1st December, 2017. Lucy Carter, Melissa Pyle, Heather Law, Anthony Morrison affiliated to GMW


Fowler, D, Hodgekins, J., French, P., Marshall, M., Freemantle, N., McCrone, P., Everard, L., Lavis, A., Jones, P. B., Amos, T., Singh, S., Sharma, V., and Birchwood, M. Social recovery therapy in combination with early intervention services for enhancement of social recovery in patients with first-episode psychosis (SUPEREDEN3):a single-blind, randomised controlled trial. Lancet Psychiatry . 2017.
Notes: First published online 11th December, 2017. Paul French affiliated to GMMH. An Open Access publication


Geulayov, G., Casey, D., McDonald, K. C., Foster, P., Pritchard, K., Wells, C., Clements, C., Kapur, N., Ness, J., Waters, K., and Hawton, K. Incidence of suicide, hospital-presenting non-fatal self-harm, and community-occurring non-fatal self-harm in adolescents in England (the iceberg model of self-harm): a retrospective study. The Lancet.Psychiatry., 2017 Dec 12 . Notes: Nav Kapur affiliated to GMMH. First published online 12th December, 2017


Heuvelman, H., Abel, K., Wicks, S., Gardner, R., Johnstone, E., Lee, B., Magnusson, C., Dalman, C., and Rai, D. Gestational age at birth and risk of intellectual disability without a common genetic cause. European Journal of Epidemiology., 2017 Dec 06 . Notes: First published online 6th December, 2017. Kathryn Abel affiliated to MMHSCT. An Open Access publication.


Joyce, E., Cowing, J., Lazarus, C., Smith, C., Zenzuck, V., and Peters, S. Training tomorrow's doctors to explain 'medically unexplained' physical symptoms: An examination of UK medical educators' views of barriers and solutions. Patient Education & Counseling., 2017 Nov 28 . Notes: Notes: First published online 27th November, 2017. Emmeline Joyce affiliated to GMMH


Longdon, E. and Read, J. 'People with Problems, Not Patients with Illnesses': Using Psychosocial Frameworks to Reduce the Stigma of Psychosis. Israel Journal of Psychiatry and Related Sciences 54(1), 24-30. 2017. Notes: Notes: Eleanor Longdon affiliated to GMW


Salomone, E., Leadbitter, K., Aldred, C., Barrett, B., Byford, S., Charman, T., Howlin, P., Green, J., Le, Couteur A., McConachie, H., Parr, J. R., Pickles, A., Slonims, V., and PACT Consortium. The Association Between Child and Family Characteristics and the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Caregivers of Children with Autism in Mid-Childhood. Journal of Autism & Developmental Disorders., 2017 Nov 25 . Notes: Notes: First published online 25th November, 2017. Jonathan Green affiliated to GMMH  An Open Access publication

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