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Register now for the XR in Mental Health ecosystem event

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Join us for a showcase of developed Extended Reality (XR) mental health interventions and future opportunities at our collaborative workshop on Thursday 15 February at CityLabs 1.0, Manchester. The ‘ecosystem event’ will bring together service users, clinicians, academics, and digital experts to discuss the potential of Extended Reality (XR) in mental healthcare. 

Immersive technologies represent the next generation of precision medicine and patient-centred care, with opportunities to deliver personalised, data-driven experience (MindTech, 2021).

Long-standing innovation partners, the University of Manchester and Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMMH) want to drive the integration of immersive technologies in mental health treatment.

Digital Futures at the University of Manchester and Research & Innovation at GMMH invite you to the first XR in Mental Health Ecosystem event as a valued participant and potential collaborator. The all-day workshop will be held at CityLabs 1.0 on Thursday, 15 February 2024 between 9.30am and 4pm, with lunch and refreshments provided.

Presenters from Digital Futures, Manchester Business School, Oxford VR, GMMH, MindTech, Kings College London and XR Therepeutics will shed light on some of the developed XR interventions as well as opportunities and challenges for this pioneering field.

The purpose of this workshop is to go beyond awareness raising, and facilitate new collaborations, develop research ideas, build partnerships to generate new evidence, strengthen existing evidence to bring life-enhancing, XR-enabled treatments to more people more quickly.

The event will showcase developed XR Mental Health interventions currently in use in the NHS or close to real world implementation, with an opportunity to experience these innovative technologies first-hand.

It will include:

  • A strong service user presence - as researchers, PPIE contributors, XR facilitators and recipients of XR interventions
  • Discussions on existing XR research, regulatory, and governance frameworks and gaps
  • Demos and first-hand experience of XR interventions
  • Use-case presentations where XR may work but the evidence or interventions have not been developed, applied or tested
  • A ‘world café’ where attendees can mix with health ecosystem members from academia, health and industry to explore new applications of XR in mental health
  • An opportunity to continue this collaboration with further workshops and research support for projects emerging from this event

You can read more about the growing value of XR in healthcare in the UK here .

If you are interested in attending the event, please register online via Eventbrite . We hope you will be able to attend this event.

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