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Recovery Pathways held their Staff Wellbeing Day 2019

Held at Cornbrook Enterprise Centre, Hulme, there was a fantastic marketplace and a day full of activities including a taste of QiGong, Herbal teacup planting, Mindful Mark making, Creative Writing, Mono Printing, Textile art, Photography, Paper Sculpture and Ceramics.
49 GMMH staff attended the day and 82 hours of sessions were delivered over the day.

The day was a huge success - receiving really positive feedback and meeting the aims set out for the day. Read some of the feedback below:

Raising the profile and awareness of Recovery Pathways within GMMH

The majority of the 49 attendees had not previously known about Recovery Pathways. This increased awareness for the service, the simple referral route and referral criteria.  The Market Place offered information about venues, activities, partnerships and networks that can be offered to service users following referral.  One participant commented that they had turned into, “Ambassadors for the Recovery Pathways service," and would share what they had learned with their teams. “Now we know what you do we will tell others." “Talking to a wide range of colleagues."

Opportunity for staff to try something new and creativeMB textiles 1.jpeg

Comments from staff showed that they had enjoyed the experience and were surprised at what they had gained for themselves during the day.  “What a lovely way to spend an hour." “Very helpful, made to feel at home.  Everyone is a friend. Good courses." “Wow!  Great activities.  Really good fun."

Experience positive wellbeing effects through creativity

By participating in sessions, staff were able to gain first-hand experience of the wellbeing effects of engaging in the creative process. “My best day with GMMH so far." “Really enjoyable, felt like I was floating." “Really enjoyed getting involved in the activities." “Spending time being creative."

Have fun, relax and connect with others MB greenwellbeing1.jpeg

Feedback showed that those who attended were keen to share the impact of the day.  “Brilliant idea for staff" “Why hasn't anyone done this before?"  “Very relaxing and enjoyable being creative - fun!" “Taking my eyes off my computer screen for a while." “Relaxing fun and interesting."

The Recovery Pathways team are now planning to make this an annual event.

For more details on Recovery Pathways services and referral information visit Recovery Pathways webpage here.


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