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Local NHS Trust Launches New Prospectus Offering Mental Health Training

Free courses on mindfulness, assertiveness, peer mentoring, cognitive behavioural therapy, creative writing, dementia and addiction are being offered to current and former users of GMW’s services and their families, friends and carers as well as health care professionals.

The Recovery Academy, run by Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, has launched its new prospectus which aims to support people with their mental health and/or alcohol and drug problems by providing free training to help.

Spaces are available at a number of locations across Manchester, Bolton, Salford and Trafford, on over 50 courses designed to help improve and manage emotional wellbeing, support recovery from substance misuse and mental health problems as well as challenge the stigma and negative attitudes towards people living with mental health and/or drug and alcohol problems.

The Recovery Academy’s new October 2016 – March 2017 prospectus is out now, with information on the range of courses taking place in community centres, local hospitals and learning centres. Courses vary in length from one-off workshops to those that take place weekly for a number of weeks.

All the courses are co-written and co-delivered by professionals and people with mental health and/or substance misuse problems, which mean the courses are enriched by professional expertise and lived experience.

You can book onto a course next month with the ‘Basic IT Skills’ course taking place on the 8 November 2016 in Prestwich and the ‘Using Creativity to Improve Mental Wellbeing’ course taking place on the 9 November 2016 in Prestwich, among others.

New courses for this term are; How Culture Affects Mental Health, Introduction to Relaxation Skills, Music and Recovery, Understanding Anger and Aggression and Understanding Emotions for Healthy Relationships.

Claire Watson, GMW’s Recovery Academy Lead, said: “All our courses offer a range of learning opportunities to create an open, supportive culture around mental health and alcohol and drug problems.

“Attending a Recovery Academy course is a great way of helping our service users and their families as well as our staff to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to maintain good mental health and support anyone who is experiencing a mental health or alcohol and drug problem.”

A student registered with the Academy, said: “My wife and I attended the Living with Autism Spectrum Condition course and we just wanted to say personally how much we appreciated the efforts of all who took part. 

“As a couple, we have first-hand experience of some of the issues arising from autism but it was instructive to gain an insight into how others are coping with their condition.

“The course was the first time we have had the benefit of verbal, intelligible explanations of what autism is all about with consideration given to the anxiety confronting people on the spectrum.

“It was also nice to hear from the service user consultants from United Response and we agree that the autistic traits of people should be respected and that appropriate behaviours taught to facilitate living well within society. Many thanks for your hard work.”

The Academy work with partners like The Reader, Lancashire Wildlife Trust, Nordoff Robbins and MaD Theatre Company to continually develop the provision of courses for people with lived experience of mental health difficulties, their families and carers as well as mental health professionals.

The Recovery Academy’s Autumn/Winter term prospectus is available to download from www.gmmh.nhs.uk/recovery.

To book a place, either visit www.gmmh.nhs.uk/recovery or ring the Recovery Academy on 0161 358 1771.

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