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Celebrating the launch of the Achieve Recovery Service in Bolton, Salford and Trafford

On 21 June, GMMH hosted a launch event for the first cluster-commissioned tender in the North West to provide alcohol and drug community recovery services across Bolton, Salford and Trafford.

Achieve Bolton, Salford and Trafford Recovery Service was launched at The Curve, GMMH's Trust Headquarters, with key delegates, staff, volunteers and service users from the three districts in attendance.

The contract is worth over £40million for the next five years, covers a population of 760,000 people, and will be delivered by GMMH and a range of subcontractors including The Big Life Group, Great Places, THOMAS (Those on the margins of society), Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Early Break and Intuitive Thinking Skills.

GMMH already ran the Achieve service in Salford and some services in Trafford.  The new Achieve contract retains Salford services, and extends services in Trafford and across Bolton.

The launch event saw all partners present their expertise to those in attendance, and express their positive outlook on working collaboratively to deliver services as part of Achieve.

Neil Thwaite, Chief Executive, told attendees that being a provider for both mental health and substance misuse is important for the Trust, to ensure “no one slips through the gaps."

“Our drug and alcohol services were inspected by the Care Quality Commission and we achieved an 'Outstanding' rating. It's a brilliant place to start for the Achieve service. It's testament to the hard work of our staff and the strong links with our partner organisations."

“Commissioners have given us a massive opportunity with this contract. I believe they have chosen the right lead provider, and the right partners, to take on that responsibility."

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David Herne, Director of Public Health for Bolton and Salford, said: “If you want to engage and really understand how things operate, it takes time. We took our time and made careful considerations when considering the bids for this contract, and it delivered."

“We have the best treatment system in Greater Manchester, one of the best in the North West. This has been a real learning curve that Greater Manchester have taken as an opportunity. This piece of work tests aspects of Bev Humphrey's (former GMMH Chief Executive) ambition - a consistent drug and alcohol treatment service, open to testing to understand the best ways to deliver for service users.“

The launch event also featured a performance from the Salford City Singers and speeches from Achieve service users who told attendees their stories of recovery. Eddie, an Achieve Salford service user, said: “The Orchard is not only a recovery centre but also a community hub to me. The Orchard is something that fell straight out of heaven onto my knee."

“The staff at the Orchard do amazing things, they are incredible - not only to the service but to themselves as well, in groups, one-to-one but also in the community, Encouraging us to strive forward and make a success of our recovery, motivating us all to gain our wings and fly, and believe anything is possible in life to once again live on life's terms, as I have struggled to do for 30 years.

“I have learnt so much since being in recovery and more important embracing the service provided by Achieve. I truly believe that the key word is 'embrace', it is key to being successful, embracing the opportunities living in the here and now is paramount to my Recovery.

I realise I have so much to be grateful for in my life now."

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