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How GMMH staff have used creativity and innovation in response to COVID-19

COVID-19 has presented multiple and complex challenges to the way we at GMMH think and work; as it has to all NHS Trusts, organisations and individuals across the nation. 

At a time when physical contact has been significantly reduced - and isolation, worry  and poor mental health for many has increased – it has been more important than ever to support our service users and staff to feel supported, connected and part of a community. It has also been vital to make sure that they are informed and able to keep themselves and others safe.  

We have been delighted to see our staff across the Trust truly rise to the challenge, using innovation and creative problem-solving to develop new practices and advances in care. 

We’ve included some of these fantastic initiatives below. You can read the full case studies, along with examples from other trusts in the full COVID-19 Change Package for Restrictive Practice.pdf document.

GMMH Innovations

ActivitActivity packsy packs for young people isolating in the Gardener Unit, including essential items such as deodorant and toothpaste, and things to help alleviate boredom such as playing cards, arts and crafts materials and face masks.  
Outdoor flowerFlower Arranging arranging for service users on Hazlewood Ward. 
SurvSurvival kitsival kits for staff on Beech Ward in Bolton, containing a number of fun items with a positive message to show them how much they are appreciated. 
NOvid room A NOvid Room at Woodlands where talk of COVID-19 and PPE was banned to allow for a psychological break and safe space for staff.
Daily Coping strategiesward meetings on Keats with service users to help identify coping strategies in response to government guidelines. 
The setting up of a Skype account on Greenway Ward and Bolin Ward so service users can contact their friends and family. 
Supporting inpatients on Laurel Ward to post cards and letters to loved ones in response to the visiting restrictions. 
Dice The creation of the ‘COVID-19 dice’ on Keats Ward, as an interactive way of discussing government guidance. 
Notice board A COVID-19 noticeboard on Beech Ward to answer questions by staff and service users about PPE, swabbing etc. 

These are perfect examples of Quality and Innovation in action – a programme of work we have been embarking on as a Trust well before the pandemic. At the very heart of QI is identifying a problem which needs solving, implementing a solution, evaluating how it went and what was learned as a result.  This has become almost second nature to all of us over the last two months when we found ourselves in unimaginable situations - to find quick and innovative solutions to make sure we continued to support our service users and each other; safely, effectively and with compassion.   

As we move forwards, as a Trust we will continue to utilise these creative ways of problem-solving, and keep the innovations coming. There has never been a better time than now to really see what is possible. 


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