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GMMH Tactical Advice Service (MHTAS) delivers training to over 2000 Greater Manchester Police officers

GMMH's Tactical Advice Service (MHTAS) team members

The Greater Manchester Mental Health Tactical Advice Service (MHTAS) consists of a small team of Senior Mental Health Practitioners based within the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Control Room to provide real-time clinical advice to police officers via telephone for them to make more informed decisions when dealing with members of the public in potential crisis.

  • Police are reporting nationally that up to 80% of their workload now has a mental health component.
  • To work collaboratively and provide an integrated service to improve health and social care outcomes for Greater Manchester residents in contact with GMP.
  • To support early intervention, early access to appropriate crisis care, and to provide more timely access to other health, social care and third sector services.
  • To reduce GMP police staff time spent at mental health related incidents, reducing S136 and voluntary attendance at A&E and encouraging the use of safe spaces where appropriate.

Since March 2024, the MHTAS team have delivered 48 training sessions, across a period of 5 weeks to over 2000 officers from GMP front line response and district investigation teams.

“I have only been the MHTAS Clinical Manager for 6 months, however, I am extremely passionate and proud of my team. 

I have worked with MHTAS on and off since 2019 and despite being small, I believe we make a big impact on GMP and the people they come across in the community who are experiencing mental health crisis. 

As soon as I came into post, I made it my priority to visit individual police stations to spread awareness of MHTAS and mental health in general. This training has been intense but extremely rewarding- I am so proud of what we have achieved over a short period of time”.

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