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All our staff are continuing to work incredibly hard with dedication and compassion, at a relentless pace to keep our patients safe. This has been humbling and inspirational and makes us so so very proud to work for GMMH.

We asked staff for their shout outs to colleagues that have gone above and beyond to support our service users and their carers. Below is just some of the messages from staff to colleagues who are going the extra mile to help others through this crisis.

Anson Road
​"The last few weeks have been challenging for both our residents and staff due to the recent pandemic and some clients needing support in this area. Despite the challenges this has brought in a variety of ways including resources, staffing, emotionally and physically supporting clients and their carer’s / families. The team have pulled together to make sure that the needs of our clients and their carer’s and families has remained paramount and that someone has been there to support them at all times. It has meant being pragmatic and resourceful and I have seen staff going above and beyond to ensure this has happened. As a result, our residents have felt supported and safe which is a very positive thing."

Amy Rushworth-Hurrell, Physical Health Lead at Meadowbrook Inpatient Unit, Salford

"Not only has Amy been unwavering in her support of those working on the ward during these uncertain and stressful times. I am currently having to work from home and she will regularly check in with me, just to see how I am and I don't think she realises how much this means!"

Tariq Saleem 
"Our ward clerk on Eagleton ward. He’s not been able to work amongst his team but even remotely is the go to person when you want something sorted."

​John Denmark Unit (JDU)

"It has been a challenging week on the unit meaning it’s not always been possible for ward based staff to take breaks. In response to this, the leadership team have set up a break out room on the ward where staff can have something to eat and access support sessions provided by the Psychology Team. The JDU team received a much deserved boost with gift bags of goodies and fresh fruit from Marks& Spencer, Morrisons and Tesco. The gift bags contained toiletries, bottles of water and chocolates to help staff to look after themselves at work."

Woodlands Hospital and Later Life Services
"Colleagues from services right across the Trust have joined the team at Woodlands to keep patients safe and well cared for. The entire team at Woodlands have pulled together during a difficult week, rising to the challenge and giving their very best to support each other and our patients."

Cavendish Ward

"To Joanna and her team on Cavendish Ward at Laureate House. Thank you isn’t enough... as always, the care and compassion for all of your patients is at the forefront of everything you do. The entire nursing and medical team have met this most difficult of circumstances with such  modesty and utmost professionalism, it’s humbling. So very proud of you all. A huge thankyou also to the teams in Laureate house who have supported Cavendish ward during this period."

Jefferson Iwambe, Health Improvement Coach
"Jeff has been working daily as part of the infection control team. He has been putting teaching packages together, teaching, visiting wards. Even brewing up and buying biscuits! An excellent help to the team and always smiling. Thank you ever so much Jeff!"​

​IAPT Teams

"IAPT services are possibly the most monitored and evaluated teams in the Trust. They have responded incredibly proficiently, professionally, and compassionately to the pandemic lockdown: switching to working from home, delivering therapy remotely, and mastering new technologies – all whilst maintaining clinical contact targets. They really deserve a shout out. Well done IAPT!"​

Laureate House

"I would just like to say a massive thank you to the whole team at Laureate House. They have been so amazingly supportive to one another, ensuring the unit is safely staffed, and that the teams feel safe and supported. 

"Can I also have a shout out to the NHSP staff, who continue to support us, without much thanks often. We really do appreciate each one of them that comes to work. 

"But most of all I would like to thank the Cavendish team. Their dedication to their patients goes above and beyond. They have showed no fear in facing Coronavirus, and they have now had their first double negative swabs! You would not know that they have been facing such difficult times, because they laugh and smile their way through it!" 

Georgia and Tim (volunteers), UNITY

"Acting as Delivery Drivers, you have willing put yourselves out there to make sure the prescriptions have arrived at the Community pharmacies, making sure the treatment we provide to the clients has continued, thank you so much!" 

Deb and Donna UNITY

"They have provided cover for each other over the last 4 weeks. They have made sure that the team has had prescribing cover to enable us to ensure that we can respond to the needs of the clients and other staff members anxiety re clients dropping out of treatment as they have also been there. They have done this without being prompted by management, with a huge smile and not a hint of moaning. Thank you so much you truly are amazing people, the rest of the team thank you."

Janet Clare​
"Thank you to Janet Clare from the Worsley Suite at Edenfield – not only does she cheer us up in the office with her banter and bringing in bread/butter and jam for early morning snacks but also managed to get Easter eggs for the patients from Tesco and also a supply of wipes from Aldi"

Chris Kelman and Hannah Birch

"Thank you to Chris Kelman OT and Hannah Birch Cert worker both from Ramsgate House who have gone to help other services within GMMH. Chris has gone to Woodlands and received a glowing report from Dr Nilika Perera that she had met him and had seen how he was very caring towards very unwell patients today. Hannah has been welcomed at Keats. Both units have expressed their gratitude to the CMHT and to the individuals for offering their help during this difficult time and Ramsgate House are very proud of them!"​

Ramsgate House Community Mental Health Team, Salford
"A BIG THANK YOU to all the hard working staff at Ramsgate House CMHT in Salford and also those who are working from home, working from South Africa due to lockdown and those staff who have volunteered to support our inpatient units. I cannot thank you all enough for your hard work and the positive attitude you have approached every challenge with. We keep on helping and supporting each other through this challenging time. I’m as always very proud to be your manager."​

Salford Division’s Admin Teams 
"They are going above and beyond to ensure our service users continue to receive the excellent care provided by our clinical colleagues. Several members of staff have been redeployed (both physically and virtually) to support other teams and I wanted to thank them all for their positive response to these requests. During these challenging times, whether working in their own teams or another, their commitment not only to providing ‘business as usual’ but in supporting each other is a humbling experience. At 8pm tonight, I will be clapping not only for my clinical colleagues but the staff behind the scenes keeping things going."​

Julie Riley, Meadowbrook Unit, Salford
"I would like to shout out Julie Riley in the physical health team at Meadowbrook. She has taken on a mammoth task calmly and efficiently. She is an absolute rock in the team."​

Cromwell House, Salford
"Shout out to all staff at Cromwell House including those working from home and those that have volunteered to work on inpatients. Thanking them for their hard work and dedication during this difficult time. Also, for being such a fabulous, friendly team that are all helping to keep each other’s spirits up with baking, raffle prizes and lots of chocolate!"​

​Woodlands Hospital & Later Life Services, Salford
"A massive shout out for the absolutely banging team at Woodlands Hospital and the community teams in later life Salford for rallying to the call and overcoming their personal fears and worries, to turn up/move to Woodlands and give the best of themselves every day to keep patients safe and well cared for. Thank you to the on call team who supported Woodlands over the bank holiday weekend especially David Chambers , Shirley Wheeler, and Kate Hall who relocated staff from across Trust to ensure Woodlands was given priority. A huge thank you to the Salford SLT and the staff who have stepped up and volunteered to move to Woodlands during our time of need. We are extremely grateful for this support!

"Thank you, Candice French, Simon Glover and Rachel Green, for the kind words and actions that really helped me personally when things were tough and I was struggling. I won’t forget your very kind and thoughtful messages."​

Prescott House Community Mental Health Team, Salford

"Shout out to all the team at Prescott House CMHT Salford including those who have volunteered for inpatients. We are absolutely all in this together. We, like most people,  are scared and anxious but supportive, positive and caring. A big thankyou to all my team and to my manager."​​​

"A big thank you to all the staff and managers at Prescott House for all the hard work everyone is doing in very difficult and uncertain times. It is a please to work alongside each and every one and a massive thank you to the new members of the Prescott family who are doing their bit on the wards (Abi, David) and of course Phil K and Sarah. We are all proud of you. Keep up the good work and we will beat this."

Marc Lowden
"I would like to mention our brilliant boss, Marc Lowden, who has bought us all a chocolate bunny today!" ​

Helen Hogan, Lisa Byrne & the Heavy Duty Team
"Helen Hogan, Lisa Byrnes and the Heavy Duty team who have been working all hours to ensure the safe decontamination of suspected and confirmed cases across the whole of GMMH. They have even helped other services to maintain their environments."

Chris Cullen, Chris Oldland & the Transport Team​
"I would like to say a big thank you to Chris Cullen, Chris Oldland and the Transport team who have been flying around the GMMH footprint delivering and collecting swabs at all hours. Delivering PPE and other vital equipment."​

Jemma Leach, Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner at HMP Risley
"For her hard work and determination in ensuring that patients are continuing to receive wellbeing support during the current pandemic. Jemma consistently goes above and beyond her duty, always carries a smile on her face and is an absolute pleasure to work with."

​Joanna Pease, Cavendish Ward Manager, Laureate House
"HUGE THANK YOU to our Ward Manager Joanna Pease from Cavendish Ward at Laureate House on behalf of all the ward team. Joanna has shown so much care and support to the patients, their families and her team during this difficult time. Joanna are always to demonstrated excellent leadership skills and has been bare below the elbow on many occasions."​​

Dr. Remy McConvey, Primary Care Mental Health Wellbeing Service 
"Remy is always ready with a smile and a sense of fun. He is kind and always makes time for his colleagues. He is always full of praise for our team and makes us feel valued. During the recent weeks under the COVID-19 lockdown he has worked tirelessly from our base. His positive attitude and calm manner are always welcome and much needed during these difficult times. He makes me laugh out loud and the days pass with hard work but a great atmosphere."​​

Katie Robb, HR Manager & Gemma Fearns, HR Advisor
"They both volunteered to support Holly Ward over the bank holiday weekend – they received a lovely warm welcome, and did a great job. We are very proud of them. What they did was very inspiring showing how flexible our teams can be, and how when in times of need we all pull together."

Clare Hilton 

"Clare Hilton has been my NHS hero and come out on call to do the COVID-19 swab for a patient on Safire at such late notice and hour. This is very much appreciated by the ward staff as getting a speedy result will be imperative."
"It is greatly appreciated by the team that you came to swab yesterday out of hours. It really did help to gain a swift result and reduce distress for the patient."​​

Chrissie Davies

Administration Manager, Chrissie Davies won an ‘Everyday Hero’ award from the BBC following a nomination from Lisa Sloan, Operational Manager at Achieve Bolton. Lisa said, “Chrissie absolutely supports all staff at Achieve Recovery Service across Bolton, Salford and Trafford.  She has a smile on her face and is full of positive energy and spirit which rubs off on us all.  Her hard work and commitment does not go unnoticed, she's amazing!"

Laurel Ward, Park House 

"For staying positive in dark days!"

HMP Manchester Healthcare Staff and all our prison healthcare staff

"BIG thanks to all of our prison healthcare staff who are supporting 6000 inmates through the current crisis but continue to be cheerful, hardworking and resilient and make GMMH proud!"​



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