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GMMH Staff Contributing Authors in latest edition of Lancet

GMMH Colleagues Rebekah Carney (from the Youth Mental Health Research Unit) and Dr David Shiers (Psychosis Research Unit) are contributing authors in the latest edition of The Lancet.

Executive Summary

People with mental illness have an increased risk of physical disease, as well as reduced access to adequate health care. Physical-health disparities are observed across all mental illnesses in all countries. The high rate of physical comorbidity, which often has poor clinical management, reduces life expectancy for people with mental illness, and increases the personal, social, and economic cost of mental illness across the lifespan. This Commission summarises advances in understanding on the topic of physical health in people with mental illness, and presents clear directions for health promotion, clinical care, and future research. It aims to: (1) establish highly pertinent aspects of physical health-related morbidity and mortality that have transdiagnostic applications; (2) highlight the common modifiable factors that drive disparities in physical health; (3) present actions and initiatives for health policy and clinical services to address these issues; and (4) identify promising areas for future research that could identify novel solutions.

The article can be downloaded free of charge here:

Congratulations Rebekah and David on a fantastic achievement!

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