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Get involved in Dementia Action Week 2019!

We are proud to support Dementia Action Week hosted by the Alzheimer's Society. This years theme is #AskUsAnything, encouraging everyone to start a conversation.

Alzheimer’s Society’s research shows that many people are worried about ‘saying the wrong thing’ to people living with dementia. And despite almost all of us knowing someone affected, two-thirds of people living with dementia report feeling isolated and lonely.

That’s why this Dementia Action Week, we’re supporting everyone to take action by starting a conversation with someone living with dementia they know; whether it’s calling a relative with dementia or visiting a neighbour, it’s time to start talking.

All it takes is a conversation to see we’re still us

A child sees the person for who they are. This Dementia Action Week, watch what happens when kids interview people with dementia.

Getting involved

Find out all the ways you can get involved this year on the Alzheimers Society website including:

Tag our social media accounts @GMMH_NHS on Twitter and @GMMentalHealth on Facebook and we'll share your activities!

Attend an event

Raising awareness and taking action is vital for changing the way people think about dementia and events help us reach more people.

Find an event to attend here:


Help us spread the word with posters, graphics, booklets and more!

Download resources here.


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