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Exercise class is a hit at Woodlands

Exercise class at the Dementia Cafe at Woodlands Hospital

Physical exercise classes have been proving extremely popular over at Woodlands Hospital in Salford.

The hospital is a specialist unit for individuals with dementia offering a range of inpatient and community services. Staff members have introduced physical health exercise sessions enabling residents to introduce physical activity into their days.

The exercise classes are attended by the majority of residents at Woodlands. Physiotherapist Vie Sherwin works with residents to try light aerobic exercises as well as fun games and activities during the hour-long session.

The classes take place during Dementia Café sessions - weekly meetings in informal settings that allow people with dementia to talk about the illness. The sessions also help to develop peer support with fellow service users.

The classes are part of GMW’s Help Yourself to Health campaign which encourages staff and service users to look after their physical health as much as their mental wellbeing. It is known that looking after your physical health can produce some significant benefits including prolonging independence and reducing stress.

The Woodlands staff are also looking at involving residential service users in a recently launch gardening project at some point in the near future. Digging for Dementia is a community-based gardening project in Manchester and offers people with dementia the chance to stay active through exercising their green fingers.

The first session takes place at the end of the month and residents at Woodlands will hopefully be joining others who have already signed up to take part.

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