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Embarking on a Journey of Mindful Creation: The Art of Sashiko

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Last month, we marked a significant milestone in our journey towards recovery and creativity at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMMH). As part of the Recovery Pathways open days, we embarked on an exciting venture – the launch of a transformative textiles project inspired by the ancient Japanese art of Sashiko, known for its meditative and reparative qualities. 

Crafting Connections: A Collaborative Textile Installation  

Staff and guests were welcomed to participate in crafting textile samples that will eventually be combined to create a collaborative installation. Each stitch, a testament to mindfulness and focus, will infuse the fabric with the stories and experiences of diverse participants from all corners of Manchester. 

At the heart of this project lies the fusion of mindfulness and practicality, as we intertwine the meditative essence of Sashiko with the art of repair and upcycling. Over the span of a year, these textile samples will be gently crafted, each thread weaving together a tapestry of resilience and creativity.  

Textile samples stitches   Textile samples stitches 1

Expanding Horizons: Welcoming Communities into the Fold 

As our project unfolds, we extend an invitation to the wider community, welcoming groups, and charities to partake in this collective endeavour. Age UK Manchester at Brunswick Village will be one of the first to become involved, with the hope of reaching every corner of Manchester, each participant becomes a vital thread in the fabric of our shared narrative, uniting us in creativity and connection. 

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Join Us on this Journey of Transformation   

As we embark on this journey of mindful creation, we invite you to become part of something much bigger than ourselves. Whether you're an experienced artisan, a current service user or colleague, your contribution will enrich the tapestry of our shared experience.   

Let us stitch the fabric of resilience, mindfulness, and community, one thread at a time.   

For more information on how to get involved, please contact mia.nisbet@gmmh.nhs.uk      

Participants feedback so far:   

“Relaxed, focussed, fulfilled, together.” 

“I felt relaxed and absorbed - it was lovely to find just the right challenge and sense of achievement afterwards. I found I could divide my attention between the stitching and having a conversation and surprised myself. A truly enjoyable activity that relaxed me immediately.”   

“Lovely activity, relaxing and mindful. I like the fact there was no expectation to do an image as such, so you could just stitch away and get into a flow. I loved seeing all the samples on the table and really look forward to seeing the finished piece.”   

“I felt focussed, interested, and relaxed. So lovely to follow where the stiches wanted to go, and I was surprised how well it turned out. The finished piece was so solid and strong, even though I didn’t use many stitches. It makes me think about my own self-care and how even small actions can make a huge difference. Thank you!”  

“Totally absorbing, I have found it really difficult the last few months to ‘switch off’ and just relax. Doing this activity just helped me achieve all of the above - just to focus on my square and be able to disconnect with everything going on around me was amazing. I felt totally relaxed.”   

“This is a really good activity to relax and focus on nothing except your task. Very enjoyable.”   

“Relaxed, focussed, and I learnt a new stitch! Enjoyable and therapeutic.”  

“I wanted to do more! Very focussed.” 

“It was very relaxing and fun to do as you could just create different shapes and colours on your patches.” 

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