Countdown to Clean Air Week 2019! | News and Events

Countdown to Clean Air Week 2019!

Clean Air Week is coordinated by Global Action Plan, via the Clean Air Hub a fantastic resource for information and ideas to improve air quality in all aspects of our lives. There are resources for schools and teachers, CEO’s, ‘Me and My Family’, and making your opinions known. This year’s theme is Local Air Pollution and ‘The Last Mile’, looking at how changes made for short journeys collectively have a huge impact on air quality.

This year GMMH is an official sponsor of Clean Air Week, decisively showing our commitment to improving public understanding and action on air pollution.

So much of what we deliver in the NHS unavoidably adds to local and national air pollution through goods delivery, medicine manufacture, catering and waste disposal. By committing to action on local air quality we can change lives as well as behavior, improving mental and physical health at the same time as limiting our impact on the environment.

To celebrate Clean Air Week and raise awareness of the simple changes we can all make there will be pop-up events throughout the week at Edenfield, Meadowbrook, Moorside and Park House (dates to be confirmed).

bee.jpgEnjoy themed cakes and coffee, collect your own air purifying plant for the home or office and enter a bee themed raffle to bring to Prestwich a vending machine containing Bee Saviour cards. Made from recycled credit cards these clever kits provide emergency sugar syrup droplets which can be punctured to provide energy for a bee found on the ground or unable to fly. Find out more here and check out the hashtag #savethebees


Clean Air Day itself (Thursday 20th June) will be celebrated at Prestwich with opportunities to ride e-bikes and e-cargo bikes, as well as the pop-up event.

For more information, visit the Clean Air Day Hub here and visit here to download resources.

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