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buzz #OurMCRCommunities campaign

On Monday 18th January buzz Manchester Health & Wellbeing Service are launching #OurMCRCommunities on their Twitter page @buzzmanc, and they want you to get involved!

The pandemic has meant we have all had to make changes to our everyday lives, including spending much more time at home. We are all looking forward to the day when we can go back out, and be a part of Our Manchester Communities once again!

Since the start of the outbreak and lockdown, buzz have been helping Manchester residents to stay connected, be creative and keep healthy with a diverse range of community mental and physical wellbeing activities.

Starting on Monday 18th until Friday 29th January, on their Twitter page @buzzmanc, buzz are going to be asking you what you love about your Manchester community, and what other activities and projects you'd like to see in it.

buzz can help you to turn these ideas into reality, so they really encourage you to get involved by adding comments and voting in polls!

buzz Neighbourhood Health Workers engage with residents across Manchester's communities to learn about what they enjoy, and what improvements can be made within their communities. Neighbourhood Health Workers work to support local people to get involved with activities that improve their wellbeing. They value the impact of turning conversations with Manchester residents into meaningful actions to support and improve the wellbeing of people in Our Manchester Communities.

Just a few examples of groups buzz Neighbourhood Health Workers have developed or supported include: Allotment and gardening, reading and writing, amateur play reading, singing, men in sheds, and knitting groups, as well as many, many more groups and projects.

buzz can't wait to hear your views! You can follow them on Twitter @buzzmanc, and keep a look out for their #OurMCRCommunities tweets for the next 2 weeks starting from Monday 18th January to have your say in shaping the future of your community!

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