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Alcohol Awareness Week

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This week is Alcohol Awareness Week 2013 and GMW is helping to raise awareness and educate people on issues related to alcohol.

Alcohol Awareness Week will run from 18-24 November 2013 and is organised by Alcohol Concern, a national charity that raises awareness of issues relating to alcohol and looks to reduce the harm that alcohol can have.

As part of this year's campaign Alcohol Concern have asked everyone to start talking about alcohol and the health risks attributed to drinking. GMW want to raise awareness of the damage that can be done when drinking regularly over the recommended daily amount, and you can help us by getting people to discuss alcohol issues via our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Each day we will be sending out messages via social media including facts and myths related to alcohol and you can spread the word by retweeting, sharing and commenting on the effects of drinking during Alcohol Awareness Week 2013.

Join the conversation today and help GMW raise awareness of alcohol issues:

For more information regarding alcohol and other health issues please visit the Physical Health page on our site. You can also visit NHS Choices Drinking and Alcohol page for more information on alcohol and the health risks it can have.

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