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Advanced Clinical Practice Week 2020

"This week is Advanced Clinical Practice week and as an organisation we are celebrating as we now have 15 qualified Advanced Clinical Practitioners and 19 trainees working in many clinical areas including: adult inpatient wards, community mental health teams, adult and adolescent forensic services, later life teams, perinatal care, liaison and home-based treatment teams.

Advanced Clinical Practitioners come from many disciplines including nursing, physiotherapy, occupational health, pharmacy paramedics and others. They are educated to Master’s level and have developed the skills and knowledge to allow them to take on expanded roles and scope of practice caring for patients.

Currently our trainees are attending various universities for their training including Manchester Metropolitan University, Bolton University and Salford University. The course duration varies between 2-3 years depending on the programme with many places receiving funding support from Health Education England (HEE) and the Apprenticeship Levy.

Below, you'll find experiences from qualified and trainee staff within the organisation, telling us about their roles and journeys as ACP’s. We will also hear about the development of a mental health pathway as part of the ACP programme at Salford University.

HEE are facilitating a virtual conference on the  9 - 12 November during ACP week where you can link into online workshops:" 

- Tara McGinley, Lead ACP for Manchester North Division


Meet some of our September 2020 cohort of Trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioners!

September 2020 cohort of Trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioners

In this pic, left to right: Rachel Birtles, Johnathan Cosgrove, Tom Beeley, Nicola Jones & Jordan Ormshaw.

They’re completing respiratory examinations at the University of Salford. The trainees continue to attend university weekly to expand their clinical skills whilst improving access to care for their service users.

Amy Rushworth-Hurrell, Trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioner, Meadowbrook Inpatient Service

Amy Rushworth-HowellMy name is Amy and I’m a brand new Trainee Advanced Practitioner.

What Advanced Practice meant to me was an option for career progression that allowed me to maintain hands on clinical practice which is what I love most about my job. Going into a senior management role was never something that felt like it fitted with my skills and interests so this is an example that there are other opportunities out there for nurses who want to continue their clinical skills but still develop.

I am the first Trainee Advanced Practitioner within Meadowbrook inpatient services so it’s really exciting to forge this path. I’m looking forward to the continuity and improved access to high standards of care my role will bring service users within my practice area. I also really enjoy the teaching and development aspects I can continue to deliver to my colleagues and service.


Jonathon Reeve, Advanced Practitioner, Macartney House Community Mental Health Team

Jonathon Reeve I have worked as an ACP for 5 years and I’m still learning and developing every day. After recently returning from a career break where I taught English in Japan, I have entered a new role in a CMHT with a fresh perspective. The 4 pillars of the ACP role enable me to function independently whilst being an integral part of the multidisciplinary team. I see the breadth of benefits that the unique role brings to patient care and their carers such as reduced wait times, holistic care increased safety. As the role is new in the team, I have been able to bring my experience of working in different settings to the role to support the development of the service. Whilst the role can be challenging at times, the benefits make it all worthwhile and it makes me proud to be an ACP for GMMH.


Tom Beeley, Trainee Advanced Practitioner, A&E Mental Health Liaison Team

Tom Beeley I have only very recently started my training as an ACP. I’m currently working in A&E Mental Health Liaison whilst completing the course. To me, it’s an amazing opportunity to continue to elevate standards of care and practice within the Trust. This will ultimately have a positive outcome on the experience and quality of the service, our patients receive. I’m really looking forward to promoting and leading these changes, and being an advocate for evidence-based gold standards of care.


Nadia Coggin, Trainee Advanced Pracititioner, Bolton Mental Health Liaison

Nadia Coggin I am in my final year of the MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice and based within a Mental Health Liaison Service- the role challenging but rewarding. The opportunity to work closely with a multidisciplinary team including my acute trust colleagues has resulted in a huge increase in my medical knowledge whilst feeling supported and clinically safe.

The MSc course allows a combination approach of academic study alongside the clinical experience, as a result I am able to assess and treat patients to a more advanced level whilst still using my core nursing skills.

Being a Trainee ACP defines a level of practice, not the type of practice; developing your own professional identity still remains at the forefront of my practice and I hope to nurture others.


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