Meet Your Governors

Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust currently has 28 governors on its Council of Governors:

  • 13 elected public Governors
  • 4 elected public Service User and Carer Governor
  • 6 elected staff Governors
  • 5 appointed partner Governors

If you would like to contact a governor in your constituency please email

Service User and Carer Governors

Constituency: Service User and Carer

Nathan Anthony Prescott

Nathan Anthony Prescott

Why do I want to be a Governor?

I want to be able to help shape a service that is user friendly, that respects the dignity of each INDIVIDUAL patient as well as their families/friends and carers. One that learns quickly from its' mistakes and ensures NO ONE slips through the net. I will reach out to other service users to find out what they need from the service, then lobby for any adjustments needed.I will fight for a system that offers transparency and choice to its service users. I'll strive to bring mental health care in line with the rest of our NHS so service users have a choice of who they see and can ask for second opinion. I want to be a governor so I can work with the trust to secure additional funding to bring waiting times down, review Care Quality Commission inspection results and push to ensure changes are made to become OUTSTANDING in all areas and make GMMH foundation trust the best it can be.

What experience and skills do you feel you could bring to the role?

As a mental health service user, I've experienced the service doing well but also when things go badly wrong; giving me insight and perspective. As director of a management company, I have the skills to identify poor performance and ability to problem solve to provide the best on a given budget. As a qualified pharmacist, I have great medical knowledge as well as compassion, respect and empathy.

Term of office ends: 31 July 2025


Staff Governors

Constituency: Staff - Medical

Dr Anna Fryer

Term of office ends: 31 July 2025

Constituency: Staff - Nursing

Katie Mowat

Photo of Katie Mowat

Why do I want to be a Governor?

I want to become a governor, because, as the only Deaf representative on the board I can bring forward ideas and promote change. As a profoundly Deaf BSL user I understand, firsthand, the importance of having accessible standards throughout the trust. Being part of the GMMH governors board I would strive for all information to be accessible to everyone.

What experience and skills do you feel you could bring to the role?

I have firsthand experience of how barriers to accessing information can lead to frustration and low staff morale. I have ideas of how to make the necessary adjustments. This would benefit not only Deaf patients and staff, but this would reach a wider group of people, for example other spoken languages, learning difficulties/capacity.

The BSL Bill was passed in 2022. I would be able to provide the necessary support in ensuring that we are meeting legal requirements and standards. This will help provide outstanding service quality and contribute to the BSL national plan regarding Deaf people’s health.

I have been working in MH services for over 20 years, with specialism in Deaf mental health services throughout the UK. I have learned many skills that I would utilise in this role such as, team working, communication and promoting new and innovating ideas for positive change. This has also given me exposure to financial and contractual structures, and the opportunity to learn about this more in-depth strategic overview. 

Term of office ends: 31 March 2026

Constituency: Staff - Social Care



Constituency: Staff - Non-Clinical

Eugen Negrutiu

Photo of Eugen Negrutiu

Why do I want to be a Governor?

During my discussions with the community, especially Trust employees, I have noticed some degree of restraint in staff engagement in overall Trust service improvement. Some of the causes appear to be the diminished available time to do that, because of the increased work load, and the doubt their ideas would be followed up. I want to address this issue by becoming the liaison agent in this communication as their representative, making sure Staff, or any Local Community Member have a dedicated time for feedbacking their ideas on performance improvement, they are aware of the pathways to do that and are involved, and this is followed up and taken aboard by management, consistent to the Trust Values.

What experience and skills do you feel you could bring to the role?

Part of the Non-Clinical Staff constituency, Economist with 2 Master's Degrees, with broad Project Management experience, and a fresh view on NHS matters.

Term of office ends: 31 March 2026

Constituency: Staff Psychological Therapies

Samantha Airey

Samantha Airey

Term of office ends: 31 July 2025

Constituency: Staff Allied Health Professionals

Jane Lee



Why do I want to be a Governor?

The expertise of allied health professionals transforms lives. As a governor I will continue to:

  • To represent views of and issues affecting AHP staff
  • To promote the AHP national and local strategy
  • To inform council about the roles of the AHP staff, the evidence for the impact on mental health services 
  • To inform about the experience of AHP's in service delivery 
  • To provide knowledge of contemporary mental health services and evidence base
  • To contribute to the development of a well resourced and evidence based mental health service 

What experience and skills do you feel you could bring to the role?

I have 30 years experience of working in different fields of mental health, experience as a carer, experience and skills in service development and experience of working with user and family networks and groups  I have extensive CPD including psychology and OT to degree level. Employment rehabilitation to MSC level. PGCE and training in psychological and sociological models. I have an overall view of mental health services and a vision of a well resourced and evidence based service.

Term of office ends: 31 March 2026


Public Governors


Constituency: Public - Bolton

Les Allen


Les Allen

As a Governor i want to create seamless links between myself and the members of the Trust who live in Bolton. This would involve working with key members in the Bolton Network who are working to improve services they and GMMH provide. This would also incorporate working with other Governors and the Trust Board to rebuild trust and confidence in the Trusts  services.

i am a CIPFA/FCCA  qualified accountant  with many years Senior Finance experience within Local NHS Trusts and involvement with many service changes. I will have served as a Governor of the Trust for three years up to March 2023 with the last two years being Lead Governor. During that time i have attended both Governor and the Board of Director meetings remotely and live. With the latter meetings i have been able to observe the interaction of the Non Executives with the Board of Directors and how the Board are held to account.

As Lead Governor/Governor i have been involved with the following:

  • Member of the Nominations Committee - overseeing the appointment of the Chair, Non Executive Directors when applicable, agreeing pay rises for the Chair/Non Executive Directors.
  • Member  of the Membership Strategy Governor Working Group - covering an Engagement plan for Members and Development sessions for Governors.
  • Lead Governor scrutiny of the current issues facing the Trust and if re- elected would continue this scrutiny.

Term of office ends: 31 March 2026

Constituency: Public - Salford

Post currently vacant

We have one governor vacancy in Salford

James Creer

photo of James Creer

I am a confident, critically engaged, and passionate advocate for quality, safe and accessible mental health services for all. 

Everyone deserves quality, safe, reliable, and respectful mental health services. This is not always people's experience and Trusts need critical friends to help them deliver for the communities they serve. 

I am the critical friend the Trust needs in this challenging time. I work for a mental health charity and have the confidence to ask tough questions to deliver accountability. I was previously a Public Governor for Durham in TEWV NHS Trust where I was a respected critical friend to both Non-Executive and Executive Directors. They welcomed and valued the questioning and challenge I provided to ensure safe and quality provision for the patients and public we served. 

I joined TEWV when a ward was under investigation by the CQC. I scrutinised all the reports and documentation around this and held the trust accountable for events before and after it. I was a voice for Durham residents, patients, and their families to best ensure that the services being delivered were of the quality everyone should expect.

I would bring a fresh perspective to help more voices be represented and strive to support the diversification of representation so that everyone can hear their voice within the Council of Governors work. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is critical for effective healthcare, governance, and representation so I would strive to work with the Council and Trust to work on this further.

Term of office ends: 31 March 2026

Constituency: Public - Trafford

Iris Nickson

Iris Nickson

I am passionate about patient safety. I seek accountability to achieve a safe and sustainable service for all.

I will continue to campaign for a statutory public inquiry to address many unresolved issues such as:

  • Patient safety
  • Patient care
  • Abuse and neglect of patients
  • Poor medication control
  • Lack of CMHT support
  • Poor staffing levels
  • Bullying and intimidation of staff and governors
  • Availability of outpatient appointments
  • Inadequate services and funding for peer support groups
  • Hospital site safety
  • Car parking availability and charges.

I have twenty years' experience in education, seven in the Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties sector. As a senior teacher, I demonstrated that I am empathetic, can listen constructively, can be adaptable and work collaboratively.

As a governor I have participated in many activities such as the Festival of Learning, all CQC Monitoring Meetings, governor training events and the apprenticeship programme. I am a member of several committees and attend the Council of Governors and Board of Directors meetings at which I have consistently promoted transparency and accountability as key to the achievement of safe and sustainable services. I have insisted on complete and accurate records of meetings.

Over the last six years, I have applied these skills to my governor role and I have raised concerns with several multi-agency teams such as:

  • Trafford Carers
  • Care Quality Commission (CQC)
  • General Medical Council (GMC)
  • Nursing and Midwifery Council 
  • Greater Manchester County Council 
  • Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council.

Term of Office Ends: 31 March 2026

James Griffin

photo of James Griffin

In recent years there have been many changes to the way services are provided for by the NHS. I recognise that there is brilliant work being done by our NHS professionals. We still need to create further opportunities for improvement. Focus on the priorities of local people and use my skills and experience to represent  the views and concerns of our residents and service.

I am  effective at getting across arguments both in spoken form and in writing,  I have co-produced and delivered academic presentation with GMMH  professionals. I have been  involved in the delivery of training for GMMH staff. I have successfully secured funding for new technologies for GMMH  staff and service users. I have taken part in international public speaking about mental health services with GMMH staff. I have been a member of  job interview panels for GMMH staff, social worker, mental health nurse,  modern matron, operational director positions. I have been involved in group helping by sharing my knowledge of  acceptance and commitment therapies and mindfulness and sharing the skills I have learnt through my own lived experience to help support service users. I have written a number of articles about mental health service and my own lived experience and recovery journey. Have been a recipient of the values in to action 'highly commended' award presented to me at the Lowry at the GMMH annual conference.

Term of office ends: 31 March 2026

Constituency: Public - City of Manchester

Paul Baker

Photo of Paul Baker

I want to be a governor because I want to be part of the transformation of mental health support for people in crisis. I am a community development worker in mental health. I have lived and worked in Manchester most of my life.

In 2020 I helped to establish CHARM in Manchester, a new kind of mental health organisation, bringing together experts by experience, families, workers and citizens to advocate for change and to call out failings when they occur. CHARM places the provision of continuous, relational support that is wrapped around the person at the top of its priorities.

I co-founded the international hearing voices movement in the 1980's and am a member of the board.This movement began in Manchester (we do things differently here!) Today I facilitate a weekly Hearing Voices Support Group in Manchester.  The movement has influenced changes in mental health policy and practice, encouraging a more person-centred and recovery-oriented approach to supporting people who hear voices.

Term of office ends: 31 March 2026

Constituency: Public - Wigan


Constituency: Public - Other England and Wales

Angela Beadsworth

Angela Beadsworth

Why do I want to be a Governor?

I’ve worked in public service for 36 years and am currently working in the Manchester and Trafford health & social care arena as Head of Workforce to improve access to a range of services through system & service redesign. In that time I’ve accessed a range of mental health services for close family relatives and so have my own personal narrative for wanting to become a Governor at GMMH. I also feel I can contribute to governance responsibilities as I’m solution focussed, analytical and can understand and navigate outcomes for complex issues.

What experience and skills do you feel you could bring to the role?

I’ve worked in public service at Senior level for over 20 years and I’m a chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel & Development. I can bring my experience & working knowledge of the current GM health & social care system so aware of it’s challenges & opportunities as I’m currently delivering the HRService to Trafford CCG and leading the Commissioning integration work stream. I have written & presented governing body, Remcom & council of Member reports. I have a coaching style and can facilitate discussions and ensure I actively listen to people’s views ensuring all have a voice. I care passionately about improving public service and being accountable is one of my key personal values. If I was selected I will do my utmost to assist Governing Body to hold the Trust to account & improve outcomes.

Term of office ends: 31 July 2025

Sharon Mason

photo of Sharon Mason   

Serving as a Governor since start of the Pandemic, I observed the Trust faced many priorities during unprecedented times while keeping patients and the workforce at the forefront, maintaining responsibilities from a governance perspective, managing Covid data and a depleted workforce through staff sickness, deployment of non-clinical staff with experiences of care to clinical areas, because of the virus taking its hold.   

I have responded to independent investigation reviews on patient safety incidents using an insightful collaborative approach when questioning and holding the Trust to account; engaged in consultations on Annual Report and the Together Strategy, taken part in reducing falls collaboration, development of service user information passport work, and provided feedback with shared insights from service users and their families’ perspective and shared learning to a ‘GM Integrated Care Partnership People & Communities Engagement Framework’. Site visits presented opportunities to observe patient care and speak with staff and patients where appropriate enabling further insights into those services.

Term of office ends: 31 March 2026

Appointed Governors

Constituency: Appointed Governors

DCI Jane Curran

Greater Manchester Police  


Jane Curran is a Detective Chief Inspector with Greater Manchester Police and has been a serving police officer for 28 years. Her role is GMP's Strategic Lead for Mental Health.  Jane has held leadership roles at GMP in Public Protection, Organised Crime Co-Ordination response, Prevent and Professional Standards Branch.  In 2012, Jane completed a PGC in Adult Safeguarding at the University of Salford alongside other public sector partners and worked with them to improve the adult safeguarding responses across Manchester and specifically at Trafford.  Her current role includes significant joint working with partners across GM to unify service delivery in respect of mental health need, ensuring that GM systems are integrated, effective, localised and focused on service user need.   

Term of office ends: 30 September 2024.

Dr Naomi Sharples

University of Salford

Terms of Office ends: 31 January 2025

Emma Simpson

Greater Manchester VCSE

Terms of Officeends:  31 January 2025

Appointed Governor  Vacancy

University of Manchester


As a patient

As a service user, relative or carer using our services, sometimes you may need to turn to someone for help, advice, and support. 

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