Information Governance Policies

Greater Manchester Mental Health has a number of policies in place that explain the Trust’s approach to data security and protection. Full copies of each policy can be found below. 

Name of policy Document

Data Security and Protection Policies

Access to Records Policy IG17 V2 Access to Records.pdf [pdf] 1MB
Clinical System Access Policy IG20 Clinical System Access Policy.pdf [pdf] 965KB
Clinical System Data Quality Policy IG02 V2 Clinical System Data Quality.pdf [pdf] 510KB
Confidentiality Policy IG03 V2 Confidentiality Policy.pdf [pdf] 718KB
Email and Internet Policy IG19 V1 Email & internet usage policy.pdf [pdf] 944KB
Freedom of Information Policy IG04 V2 FOI Policy.pdf [pdf] 830KB
Information Asset Management Policy IG05 V1 Information Asset Mt Policy.pdf [pdf] 922KB
Information Governance Policy IG06 Information Governance Policy.pdf[pdf] 721KB
Information Governance Staff Handbook IG01 Confidentiality & IG Handbook.pdf [pdf] 1MB
Information Security Policy IG08 Information Security Policy.pdf [pdf] 870KB
Information Sharing Policy IG09 V2 Information Sharing Policy.pdf [pdf] 640KB
Mobile Media Security Policy IG10 Mobile Media Security Policy.pdf [pdf] 1006KB
Network Security Policy IMT02 Network Security Policy.pdf [pdf] 722KB
Records Management Policy IG14 V1 Records Management Policy.pdf [pdf] 863KB
Registration Authority Policy IG11 Registration Authority Policy.pdf [pdf] 642KB
Safe Haven Policy IG12 V2 Safe Haven Policy.pdf [pdf] 819KB
System Management Policy IG18 System Management Policy.pdf[pdf] 1MB


As a patient

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