What Staff and Service Users have to say

Read what Park House staff and service users have to say about the new North Manchester Development:

Headshot of Neil Thwaite We passionately believe this investment will greatly improve the quality of specialist inpatient mental health care and will enable us to build a therapeutic, modern environment for patients and workplace for staff.

The state-of-the-art mental health inpatient unit will be constructed to the latest environmental standards using the latest technology and creating an environment that is conducive to holistic treatment and recovery.

Neil Thwaite, Chief Executive of GMMH

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I was in Park House as an inpatient and they helped me through a lot of issues. I enjoy being involved with this project as I want to help and give back the support I received whilst being a patient at Park House.

The current unit needs to be redeveloped to provide better facilities for patients. The new facility will provide a better level of care and nice surroundings will help to create a positive atmosphere and be more welcoming.

- Danny, Former service user at Park House

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Being in Park House really helped me and I made good friends. Many patients say that the current Park House unit is too intimidating.

The designs for the new Park House development look much more homely and welcoming. I’d like to see a bigger garden space with nicer plants, flowers and possibly an outdoor gym space. The new Park House development will provide a much nicer place to be an inpatient and to volunteer at.

- Charlie, Former service user at Park House

Your experience depends on who's in your dormitory. It'd be nice to have more shower rooms. Some people spend a while in the shower, meaning you have to wait a long time.

I'd also love more space to watch television - it can be frustrating fighting over seats!

- Anna, Service User, Park House

The new standard is single rooms with an en-suite - this would be my number one priority.

During the day, there's nowhere to go really. I'd like to see a games room, a library and an IT room where people can learn digital skills.

I'd also like a nice foyer, a cafe, a shop where you could buy newspapers and a lecture room for staff.

- Michael, Service User, Park House

photo of Sonia smiling I’m really looking forward to the new development. I’ve looked at the plans in the display room and I think it’ll be so beneficial for service users to have a bright modern room that gives them a private space.

The staff at Park House are so supportive and there’s a real sense of community so this new building will give us all a boost in our working environment. 

- Sonia, Occupational Therapist Assistant

I decided to come back as a Peer Mentor because I really liked the empathy of the staff and the way they worked together, even in a difficult environment. But unfortunately, the difficult environment had a really negative impact on my stay.

- Nicola Dalton, Former Service User and Peer Mentor

photo of sheila sat in an office chair at a desk smiling at the camera We've become used to working in discomfort at Park House. 

All members of staff here are so passionate and supportive that we make it work. But there's a constant underlying pressure as a result of the facilities. Imagine what that energy could be spent on with better facilities! 

- Sheila Hill, Former Inpatient Manager at Park House

Photo of Nigel sitting in an office chair smiling at the camera At the moment, the layout of the building is a challenge.

We need a building that feels like a hub, rather than a hospital. A place that is therapeutic outside and in.

This'll aid recovery and help destigmatise mental health in the community.

- Nigel Hird, Former Park House Operations Manager

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As a patient

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