Manchester Psychological Therapies

Manchester Primary Care Psychological Therapies Service (North, Central and South) provides talking therapy for adults of all ages: it is free, confidential, and proven to be effective. We provide talking therapies such as Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for those experiencing difficulties with anxiety and depression based presentations. We also offer Compassion Focused Therapy Workshops for pregnant individuals and new parents.  

Individual and professional referrals to the Manchester Psychological Therapies Service are made through Self Help Services (Step 2); a mental health charity who provide an initial assessment, referrals, less intensive support and referral to Manchester Psychological Therapies Service (Step 3 and Step 3 plus).

Manchester Psychological Therapies Service (Step 3) provide more intensive therapy, working with (not inclusive to):

- moderate to severe depression and anxiety, including certain perinatal presentations including Post Trauma Stress Disorder

- fear of childbirth

- childbirth trauma

- baby loss

- intrusive thoughts.

The step 3 plus service provide therapy for more complex presentations including trauma and Post Trauma Stress Disorder.

Services within Manchester Psychological Therapies

Manchester Psychological Therapies Nav - Perinatal

Manchester Psychological Therapies Nav - Perinatal

Pregnancy and Early Childhood Services

Becoming a parent is a major life change, with role changes and a mixture of emotions.

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