BAME Network 22.png​​​BAME (Black Asian Minority Ethnic) applies to everyone who self-identifies their ethnicity as other than White British.​​​​​​​​

Empowering BAME staff to achieve their potential through creating positive change.


Membership is open to all permanent and temporary Trust staff.

We aim to have membership of at least 10% of the GMMH BAME workforce, ensuring we have members evenly distributed across all the districts.

Employees can attend subject to service requirements and agreement by their line manager, however, managers are encouraged to facilitate this whenever possible.

The network will also be open to colleagues who have a role in supporting the work environment of BAME staff.

It is expected that the majority of the membership will be made up of staff who identify themselves to be from a BAME background.

A network steering group comprised of members act as leads for specific work streams.

BAME network aims.png

The aim of the BAME Staff Network is to provide a forum to:

  • To provide support for all Black/ Asian and minority staff members
  • Have an active role in influencing the organisations actions to address inequalities highlighted by the Workforce Race Equality standards (WRES) report and ensure we promote a culture that creates a more positive experience for BAME colleagues in the organisation
  • Ensure that relevant issues and concerns raised by staff through the BAME network are communicated to the Corporate Equality and Diversity Committee and the network are actively involved in influencing change
  • Network steering group to consult on new policies and reviewing existing policies and procedures ensuring BAME equality perspective is proactively considered
  • To promote the anti-discriminatory agenda by hosting cultural awareness sessions through a host of workshops, seminars and events, highlighting and celebrating different cultures
  • Assist the Trust in meeting its statutory obligations regarding its duty under the Equality Act 2010
  • Focus initiatives that focus on upskill BAME staff within the organisation to support career progression and aspirations. For example; BAME leadership programme, career development workshops, talent management initiatives and apprenticeship programme
  • Ensure active involvement in the regular review of the content of the equality and diversity training offered by GMMH, ensuring the implications as they relate to BAME staff and patients are considered
  • Offer support to BAME members of staff, who have either experienced or are experiencing isolation or discriminatory conditions within their work areas
  • To provide an opportunity for staff to update each other, on local and national policy and developments
  • Promote diversity in the organisation



  • Achieving a membership of at least 10% of GMMH BAME staff figures
  • Systematically working through the networks 3 year action plan
  • The action plan will be reviewed and updated on a yearly basis by the network steering group
  • Improved BAME representation in junior, middle and senior leadership in the organisation by at least 10% by 2021
  • Reducing the incidents of BAME staff going through the disciplinary process. The WRES report 2018 which showed that BAME staff were 2.64 times more likely to go through a disciplinary than their white colleagues
  • Increase awareness in the organisation of BAME related issues


how to join
To join please complete the below form and send via email to
BAME Staff Network Membership Registration.docx


Follow all the action from our BAME Network on Twitter #GMMHBAME

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