FOI Disclosure Log September 2022 | Disclosure Log

FOI Disclosure Log September 2022

FOI Requests released in September 2022
FOI Date Released Information Released Additional Attachments Cost
FOI Response D10633 - Software Suppliers.pdf [pdf] 217KB 30/09/2022 Software Suppliers N/A N/A
FOI Response D10635 - Post Room Scanning Equipment.pdf [pdf] 212KB 30/09/2022 Post Room Scanning Equipment N/A N/A
FOI Response D10636 - Play Team Services.pdf [pdf] 254KB 30/09/2022 Play Team Services N/A N/A
FOI Response D10632 - Hard Facilities Management .pdf [pdf] 211KB 27/09/2022 Hard Facilities Management N/A N/A
FOI Response D10628 - Employee Band numbers per year.pdf [pdf] 227KB 26/09/2022 Employee Band Numbers per year N/A N/A
FOI Response D10552 - Community Mental Health Teams and DBT.pdf [pdf] 238KB 23/09/2022 Community Mental Health Teams & DBT Info N/A N/A
FOI Response D10625 - Endoscopy Services & Insourcing Providers.pdf [pdf] 225KB 23/09/2022 Endoscopy Services & Insourcing Providers N/A N/A
FOI Response D10621 - Offensive Watse & Clinical Waste.pdf [pdf] 201KB 22/09/2022 Offensive Waste & Clinical Waste N/A N/A
FOI Response D10618 - Microsoft Windows 11.pdf [pdf] 206KB 20/09/2022 Microsoft Windows N/A N/a
FOI Response D10624 - Mobile Phone & Data Contracts.pdf [pdf] 226KB 21/09/2022 Mobile Phone & Data Contracts N/A N/A
FOI Response D10619 - Contracts Register Aug 2022.pdf [pdf] 224KB 20/09/2022 Contracts Register FOI Response D10619 - Contracts Register.xlsx [xlsx] 17KB N/A
FOI Response D10586 - Clinical Waste Contract.pdf [pdf] 225KB 22/09/2022 Clinical Waste Contract N/A N/A
FOI Response D10617 - Integrated Health & Police Liaison Diversion Services Partnership.pdf [pdf] 271KB 15/09/2022 Integrated Health & Police Liaison Diversion Services Partnership N/A N/A
FOI Response D10615 - Radiography Department.pdf[pdf] 209KB 14/09/2022 Radiography Department N/A N/A
FOI Response D10616 - International Recruitment.pdf [pdf] 185KB 15/09/2022 International Recruitment N/A N/A
FOI Response D10614 - Staff working when testing positive for covid-19.pdf [pdf] 199KB 13/09/2022 Staff working when testing positive for covid-19 N/A N/A
FOI Response D10611 - ICT Expenditure.pdf [pdf] 193KB 12/09/2022 ICT Expenditure FOI Response D10611 - ICT Expenditure - Services.pdf [pdf] 106KB N/A
FOI Response D10607 - IT Service Management Software .pdf [pdf] 207KB 12/09/2022 IT Service Management Software N/A N/A
FOI Response D10612 - Advocacy for Women in secure services.pdf [pdf] 199KB 09/09/2022 Advocacy for Women in Secure Services N/A N/A
FOI Response D10608 - Trust Contacts & ICB.pdf [pdf] 197KB 08/09/2022 Trust Contacts & ICB N/A N/A
FOI Response D10609 - Electronic Patient Record System.pdf [pdf] 187KB 08/09/2022 Electronic Patient Record System N/A N/A
FOI Response D10603 - Hospital Managers Remuneration.pdf [pdf] 209KB 06/09/2022 Hospital Managers Renumeration N/A N/A
FOI Response D10605 - Payments to Companies.pdf [pdf] 219KB 06/09/2022 Payments to Companies N/A N/A
FOI Response D10606 - Communications & Security.pdf [pdf] 250KB 06/09/2022 Communications & Security N/A N/A
FOI Response D10610 - Financial efforts to promote diversity.pdf [pdf] 235KB 06/09/2022 Financial efforts to promote diversity N/A N/A
FOI Response D10604 - Miscarriages in Asylum Seekers & Overseas charges.pdf [pdf] 198KB 05/09/2022 Miscarriages in Asylum Seekers & Overseas charges N/A N/A
FOI Response D10600 - Restraints 2019-21.pdf [pdf] 200KB 06/09/2022 Restraints 2019-21 N/A N/A
FOI Response D10601 - Agency Staff Spend .pdf [pdf] 204KB 02/09/2022 Agency Staff Spend N/A N/A
FOI Response D10602 - Sterile Services & Decontamination.pdf [pdf] 211KB 02/09/2022 Sterile Services & Decontamination N/A N/A
FOI Response D10529 - Patients discharged with no fixed abode.pdf [pdf] 237KB 01/09/2022 Patients discharged with no fixed abode N/A N/A


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