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FOI Disclosure Log October 2019

FOI Date Released Information Released Additional Attachments Cost
FOI requests released in October 2019
D9406 - Self-Harm and Suicide Prevention Policies.pdf [pdf] 144KB 28.10.19 Self-Harm and Suicide Prevention Policies FOI D9406 Self Harm Policy.pdf [pdf] 491KB FOI D9406 Suicide Prevention Strategy.pdf [pdf] 968KB N/A
D9392 Transport Dispatch System.pdf [pdf] 707KB 23.10.19 Transport Dispatch System N/A N/A
D9390 - IT Service Management.pdf [pdf] 195KB 18.10.19 IT Service Management N/A N/A
D9393 - Security Managment Staff.pdf [pdf] 150KB 18.10.19 Security Management Staff N/A N/A
D9396 - Break Glass Nursing Agency Spend.pdf [pdf] 152KB 18.10.19 Break Glass Nursing Agency Spend N/A N/A
D9397 - Medical Consultants List.pdf [pdf] 146KB 18.10.19 Medical Consultants List N/A N/A
D9402 - Social Enterprises.pdf [pdf] 158KB 18.10.19 Social Enterprises N/A N/A
D9410 - Patient Transport Services.pdf [pdf] 143KB 18.10.19 Patient Transport Services FOI F9410 Transportation Survey.pdf[pdf] 110KB N/A
D9391 - Finance Costs re Brexit Guidance.pdf [pdf] 182KB 17.10.19 Finance Costs re Brexit Guidance N/A N/A
D9394 - Referrals and Admissions for Older People Services 2014-19.pdf [pdf] 144KB 17.10.19 Referrals and Adminssions for Older People Services 2014-19 N/A N/A
D9398 - Staff Bank, Agency and Workforce Spend 2016-19.pdf [pdf] 150KB 17.10.19 Staff Bank, Agency and Workforce Spend 2016-19 N/A N/A
D9408 - Ransomware Attacks.pdf [pdf] 145KB 17.10.19 Ransomware Attacks N/A N/A
D9386 - Psychiatric Decision Units.pdf [pdf] 230KB 16.10.19 Psychiatric Decision Units N/A N/A
D9399 - IT Services.pdf [pdf] 181KB 16.10.19 IT Services N/A N/A
D9400 - Pagers.pdf [pdf] 143KB 16.10.19 Pagers N/A N/A
D9388 - Clinical Systems.pdf [pdf] 0bytes 14.10.19 Clinical Systems N/A N/A
D9395 - Deaths due to Malnutrition.pdf [pdf] 143KB  14.10.19 Deaths due to Malnutrition N/A N/A
D9381 - Clinical System Integration.pdf [pdf] 175KB 10.10.19 Clinical System Integration N/A N/A
D9382 - Brexit Related Planning.pdf [pdf] 150KB 10.10.19 Brexit Related Planning N/A N/A
D9384 - Service Users with Dementia Detained on a Section 2014-19.pdf [pdf] 166KB 10.10.19 Service Users with Dementia Detained on a Section 2014-19 N/A N/A
D9262-2 - Prisoners Prescribed Medication for Mental Health Issues.pdf [pdf] 143KB 10.10.19 Prisoners Prescribed Medication for Mental Health Issues N/A N/A
D9389 - CAMHS and OCD Treatment.pdf [pdf] 144KB 10.10.19 CAMHS and OCD Treatment N/A N/A
D9367 - ECT.pdf [pdf] 166KB 04.10.19 ECT N/A N/A
D9368 - ECT.pdf [pdf] 161KB 04.10.19 ECT N/A N/A
D9372 - Patient Communications.pdf[pdf] 169KB 04.10.19 Patient Communications N/A N/A
D9379 - Community Services.pdf [pdf] 185KB 04.10.19 Community Services N/A N/A
D9380 - Electronic Patient Record (EPR) System.pdf [pdf] 166KB 04.10.19 Electronic Patient Record (EPR) N/A N/A
D9366 - Employee Health and Well-being Programmes.pdf [pdf] 142KB 02.10.19 Employee Health and Well-being Programmes FOI D9366 spreadsheet.pdf [pdf] 162KB N/A
D9369 - Robotic Process Automation.pdf [pdf] 146KB 02.10.19 Robotic Process Automation N/A N/A
D9374 - Food Wastage.pdf [pdf] 145KB 02.10.19 Food Wastage N/A N/A
D9375 - Laboratories.pdf [pdf] 181KB 02.10.19 Laboratories N/A N/A
D9377 - Asylum Seekers.pdf [pdf] 145KB 02.10.19 Asylum Seekers N/A N/A
D9383 - Out of Area Placements 2017-19.pdf [pdf] 151KB   02.10.19 Out of Area Placements 2017-19 N/A N/A


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