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FOI Disclosure Log May 2020

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FOI Requests Released in May 2020
FOI Response D9635 - Procurement, Transport Manager and Sustainability Contacts.pdf [pdf] 162KB 29.05.2020 Procurement, Transport Manager & Sustainability Contacts N/A N/A
FOI Response D9631 - Overseas Trained Nurse Recruitment.pdf [pdf] 182KB 26.05.2020 Overseas Trained Nurse Recruitment N/A N/A
FOI Response D9632 - PPE Fit Tests.pdf [pdf] 225KB 26.05.2020 PPE Fit Tests N/A N/A
FOI Response D9630 - Doctors in Training.pdf [pdf] 229KB 22.05.2020 Doctors in Training N/A N/A
FOI Response D9627 - Overtime Pay.pdf [pdf] 180KB 20.05.2020 Overtime Pay FOI Response D9627 Supporting Information - Overtime & Performance Pay.xlsx[xlsx] 21KB N/A
FOI Response D9634 - Acute Beds & Mortuary Services.pdf [pdf] 202KB 20.05.2020 Acute Beds & Mortuary Services N/A N/A
FOI Response D9625 - IT Request.pdf [pdf] 238KB 19.05.2020 IT Requests N/A N/A
FOI Response D9626 - Nurses Anxiety, Depression & Stress Related Leave.pdf[pdf] 228KB 19.05.2020 Nurses Anxiety, Depression & Stress Related Leave N/A N/A
FOI Response D9624 - Provision of Bank & Agency Staff.pdf [pdf] 301KB 15.05.2020 Provision of Bank & Agency Staff N/A N/A
FOI Response D9628 - Data Protection Officer.pdf [pdf] 162KB 14.05.2020 Data Protection Officer N/A N/A
FOI Response D9622 - Covid-19 Measures.pdf [pdf] 169KB 13.05.2020 Covid-19 Measures N/A N/A
FOI Response D9621 - VOIP Maintenance Contract.pdf [pdf] 258KB 12.05.2020 VOIP Maintenance Contract N/A N/A
FOI Response D9617 - Wheelchair Services Software.pdf [pdf] 213KB 05.05.2020 Wheelchair Services Software N/A N/A
FOI Response D9618 - Working Ventilators.pdf [pdf] 161KB 05.05.2020 Working ventilators N/A N/A
FOI Response D9619 - Hospital Departments.pdf [pdf] 169KB 05.05.2020 Hospital Departments N/A N/A
FOI Response D9615 - Supplier Spend.pdf [pdf] 193KB 04.05.2020 Supplier Spend N/A N/A
FOI Response D9616 - Invited Reviews.pdf [pdf] 161KB 04.05.2020 Invited Reviews N/A N/A


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