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FOI Disclosure Log May 2019

FOI Date Released Information Released Additional Attachments Cost
FOI requests released in May 2019
D9212 - Edenfield.pdf [pdf] 149KB 30.05.19 Edenfield N/A N/A
D9218 - Child Referrals for PTSD 2017-19.pdf [pdf] 146KB 30.05.19 Child Referrals for PTSD 2017-19 N/A N/A
D9220 - Agency and Bank Staff Spend 2018-19.pdf [pdf] 193KB 30.05.19 Agency and Bank Staff Spend 2018-19 N/A N/A
D9222 - Direct Engagement Contract.pdf [pdf] 150KB 30.05.19 Direct Engagement Contract N/A N/A
D9234 - ReSPECT Form.pdf [pdf] 145KB 30.05.19 ReSPECT Form N/A N/A
D9201 - Pipeline of Public Sector Construction Projects.pdf [pdf] 186KB 28.05.19 Pipeline of Public Sector Construction Projects N/A N/A
D9223 - Risk Management Policies.pdf [pdf] 142KB 28.05.19 Risk Management Policies FOI D9223 - Clinical Risk Policy.pdf [pdf] 934KB FOI D9223 - Safeguarding Adults at Risk Policy.pdf [pdf] 1MB N/A
D9198 - Non-Disclosure Agreements.pdf [pdf] 187KB 24.05.19 Non-Disclosure Agreements N/A N/A
D9217 - Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.pdf [pdf] 146KB 24.05.19  Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder N/A N/A
D9226 - Mobile Provider Contract.pdf [pdf] 145KB 24.05.19 Mobile Provider Contract N/A N/A
D9232 - Surgical Mesh.pdf [pdf] 143KB 24.05.19 Surgical Mesh N/A N/A
D9209 - Neuro-Rehabilitation Services.pdf [pdf] 151KB 22.05.19 Neuro-Rehabilitation Services N/A N/A
D9213 - Hospital Charging Regulations.pdf [pdf] 144KB 22.05.19 Hospital Charging Regulations N/A N/A
D9215 - Use of Coal 2016-18.pdf [pdf] 142KB 22.05.19 Use of Coal 2016-18 N/A N/A
D9216 - Electrical Supplier Spend 2018-19.pdf [pdf] 153KB 22.05.19 Electrical Supplier Spend 2018-19 N/A N/A
D9225 - Radiology and Ultrasound Equipment.pdf [pdf] 151KB 22.05.19 Radiology and Ultrasound Equipment N/A N/A
D9199 - IESO contract.pdf [pdf] 200KB 17.05.19 IESO Contract N/A N/A
D9202 - Framework Contracts re Building and Construction Works.pdf [pdf] 183KB 17.05.19 Framework Contracts Re Building and Construction Works N/A N/A
D9205 - CAMHS Referrals 2018-19.pdf [pdf] 251KB 17.05.19 CAMHS Referrals 2018-19 N/A N/A
D9206 - Apprenticeship Funds May17-Apr19.pdf [pdf] 146KB 17.05.19 Apprenticeship Funds May17-Apr19 N/A N/A
D9208 - Flexible Working Policies.pdf [pdf] 220KB 17.05.19 Flexible Working Policies FOI D9208 - GMW Flexible Working Policy.pdf [pdf] 537KB FOI D9208 - MMHSC Flexible Working Options Policy 14-17.pdf [pdf] 787KB N/A
D9210 - Exec Director Contact Details.pdf [pdf] 143KB 17.05.19 Executive Director Contact Details N/A N/A
D9211 - Exec Director Contact Details.pdf [pdf] 142KB 17.05.19 Executive Director Contact Details N/A N/A
D9214 - Home Births.pdf [pdf] 143KB 17.05.19 Home Births N/A N/A
D9192 - Private Ambulance Services 2017-19.pdf [pdf] 202KB 15.05.19 Private Ambulance Services 2017-19 N/A N/A
D9187 - Translating and Interpreting Costs and Contracts.pdf [pdf] 164KB 08.05.19 Translating and Interpreting Costs and Contracts N/A N/A
D9204 - Complaints involving Weight 2016-18.pdf [pdf] 146KB 08.05.19 Complaints Involving Weight 2016-18 N/A N/A
D9195 - Clinical Insourcing Spend 2018-19.pdf [pdf] 187KB 01.05.19 Clinical Insourcing Spend 2018-19 N/A N/A
D9196 - LGBTQ+ Mental Health Services.pdf [pdf] 182KB


LGBTQ+ Mental Health Services N/A N/A
D9200 - FOI Requests 2018-19.pdf [pdf] 143KB 01.05.19 FOI Requests 2018-19 N/A N/A
D9203 - Radiology and Ultrasound Equipment.pdf [pdf] 145KB 01.05.19 Radiology and Ultrasound Equipment N/A N/A


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